2019 Snow Parts Canada

ATV/UTV & MOTORCYCLE www.partscanada.com 2019 PARTS CANADA SNOWMOBILE BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2019 394 TRACK SYSTEMS FITS MODEL CAMSO # PART # BETA 250 RR/​Racing 13‑18 9025‑18‑0701 4510‑0985 300 RR/​Racing 13‑18 9025‑18‑0701 4510‑0985 300 Xtrainer 15‑18 9025‑18‑0714 4510‑1117 350 RR/​Racing/RR‑S 13‑18 9025‑18‑0701 4510‑0985 390 RR/​Racing 15‑18 9025‑18‑0701 4510‑0985 FITS MODEL CAMSO # PART # BETA (CONT) 390 RR‑S 18 9025‑18‑0701 4510‑0985 390 RS 15‑16 9025‑18‑0701 4510‑0985 400 RR‑S 13‑14 9025‑18‑0701 4510‑0985 400 RS 14 9025‑18‑0701 4510‑0985 430 RR/​Racing 15‑18 9025‑18‑0701 4510‑0985 DTS 129 DIRT-TO-SNOW BIKE CONVERSION TRACK SYSTEMS • Dirt-to-snow bike conversion system allows riders to switch the front wheel of their off-road motorcycle with a ski and the rear drive systems with a tracked undercarriage • Provides new heights of mobility and access in deep snow conditions that would otherwise be impossible with a conventional motorcycle • Single rail suspension, allows rider to lean the track freely versus entire bike maintaining ride stability on hard and uneven surfaces • NEW Redesigned A-arm geometry, softer spring load and spring cam offer more travel and sag, reducing peak pressure on the front ski and enhancing riders control in rough trail conditions • Optimum front pivot point location for better vehicle integration, maintaining overall riding dynamics closer than wheel vehicle • Lightweight polymer blow mold base with steel reinforcements absorbs impact and improves overall handling and performance • T-slot type Hyfax is easy to maintain and can be changed without taking suspension out • Tapered wheel support allows constant transition when leaning for a natural bike riding feeling • Newly redesigned, more durable side panel design features an integrated wrap-around tube and chain cover to protect critical components from impact • NEW Side panels allow more room around bike footpeg for better boot location and a more natural ergonomic position • Subframe is constructed from lightweight and strong steel tubing and has a built-in rear bumper/​grab bar that is ergonomically angled to reduce force required when pulling • Dual-chain tensioner is a lightweight design allowing rider to perform primary and secondary chain adjustment individually • Brake system is isolated from snow with a NEW polymer brake shield • NEW Pre-bled brake system consists of an inboard double piston radial brake caliper for quick, compact braking power, a compact design 150mm brake disc that resists ice build-up and a right-hand master cylinder that is easy and quick to install to ensure an exact braking system calibration • 129” L x 12.5” W track with 2.5” lug height specifically designed for Dirt-to-Snow, giving the rider great deep snow performance • Built-in rear flap and backpack/​accessory anchor on the rear • Front ski-mount has angle side keel with replaceable blade for side hill capabilities, dual aggressive carbide for precise technical riding and an oversized handle that is easy to grab • NEW all black look • Optional wheel kit lets you move bike from garage to trailer quickly and easily (Order with DTS conversion kit to have it drop shipped directly with system); or also available separately TRACKS ARE DROP SHIPPED FROM CAMSO; NO RETURNS. SEE THE CAMSO WEBSITE FOR THE LATEST FITMENT INFORMATION. A $50 FREIGHT FEE WILL APPLY TO ALL ORDERS. WHEEL KIT DESCRIPTION CURRENT CAMSO PART # PART # Universal wheel kit 7200‑00‑9050 0334‑0001