2020 Fatbook Canadian Catalogue

partscanada.com | #SINCE1968 addressed to really add performance and boost rider feel and con dence.” A lot of weight was also shed from the bike by the parts upgrades, along with Hofmann’s own carbon ber saddle- bags, fender and side panels. Then the above-and-beyond touches: smoothing the frame, customizing the gas tank, drilling and running all the wiring internally for a clean look. The wheels, paint color and style give the bike a de nite high-performance vibe. “Like a vintage Trans-Am,” Hofmann says with a smile. “To see a bike come down off the lift the last time as a nished bike, with those wheels, the paint color scheme, the bike all ready to ride… that is always a neat moment,” he says. “It is fun just to sit for a minute and study it, see all the nishes and details.”