Parts Canada Helmet & Apparel 2020

GOGGLES & EYEWEAR 2020 PARTS CANADA HELMET & APPAREL BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2020 SEE PAGE 7 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING . 523 LENSES/TEAR-OFFS COLOR PART # (I) Clear lens 2602-0589 (J) Blue lens 2602-0590 (K) Yellow lens 2602-0591 COLOR PART # (L) Smoke lens 2602-0592 (M) Mirrored black lens 2602-0593 (N) Mirrored lime lens 2602-0594 COLOR PART # (O) Iridium lens 2602-0595 Tear-offs (10 pk.) 2602-0612 Tear-offs, laminated (14-pk.) 2602-0613 CONQUER GOGGLES • Innovative frame with maximum airflow vents • Drilled frame ports for increased ventilation and fog resistance • Anti-fog, scratch-resistant lens with UV protection • Optically correct polycarbonate lens for clear vision • Clear lens mounted; see next page for optional lenses • Dual post tear-off system ready; replacement tear-offs available • Dual layer 14mm face foam with soft microfleece liner • Adjustable woven strap with silicone grip for secure fit • Plush goggle bag included for safe storage • Tested and certified to standard EN 1938:2010 COLOR PART # (A) Fluorescent green 2601-2089 (B) Fluorescent orange 2601-2090 (C) Fluorescent pink 2601-2091 COLOR PART # (D) Blue/white 2601-1928 (E) Black/white 2601-1924 (F) Red/white 2601-1927 COLOR PART # (G) Gunmetal/green 2601-1929 (H) Steel/black 2601-1930 E F D G H A B C I J K L M N O