2021 Parts Canada ATV-UTV

AUDIO/COMMUNICATION & MOUNTS partscanada.com 2021 PARTS CANADA ATV/UTV BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2021 110 DESCRIPTION PART # RAM Tough‑Ball ™ w/ threaded stud 0636-0151 RAM TOUGH-BALL ™ WITH THREADED STUD • 1” diameter rubber ball connected to a male-threaded post • High-strength composite and steel • B-size 1” rubber ball; M6-1 x 6mm threaded post DESCRIPTION PART # M10 x 1.25 base 0636-0063 DESCRIPTION PART # M10 x 1.5 base 0636-0064 RAM MOUNT MALE-THREAD BASES WITH 1” BALL • Powdercoated marine-grade aluminum and rubber construction • Choice of M10 x 1.25 pitch or M10 x 1.50 pitch thread; both with 1” “B”-size rubber ball • PART #0636-0063 features M10 1.25 pitch male thread connected to a 1” rubber ball; diameter of the round flange is 14.5mm and the thread length is 10.15mm • PART #0636-0064 features M10 x 1.5 pitch male thread connected to a 1” rubber ball; diameter of the round flange is 14.3mm and the thread length is 10.5mm 0636‑0063 DESCRIPTION PART # RAM Track Ball ™ w/ T‑bolt attachment 0603-0828 RAM TRACK BALL ™ WITH T-BOLT ATTACHMENT • B-size, 1” rubber ball molded to a high-strength composite base • Rubber friction washer and a stainless steel T-bolt for sliding into virtually any track system • Insert or slide the Track Ball ™ into your track and twist the ball clockwise to tighten in place; twist counterclockwise to loosen DESCRIPTION PART # RAM Tough‑Track ™ top loading composite track 0603-0827 RAM TOUGH-TRACK ™ TOP-LOADING COMPOSITE 3” TRACK • High-strength composite • Can be drilled to any flat surface • Designed to use with #10 screws for easy installation; hardware not included • Works with a wide variety of RAM track bases to attach cameras, fishing rods, phones, etc. • Track thickness .35”, inside track length 3” • 4.75” L x 1.75” W DESCRIPTION PART # Fork stem w/ 1” ball 0603-0457 DESCRIPTION PART # X‑Grip ® mount w/ fork stem base 0603-0898 RAM MOUNT FORK STEM BASES • Cleanest way to mount small electronics • PART #0603-0898 consists of a fork stem base, short length double-socket arm and RAM X-Grip ® ; holder dimensions: 1.75”-4.5” W, 0.875” D • Slide the assembly into the hole of the stem and tighten the machine screw to create a tight fit 0603‑0457 0603‑0898 • Designed to fit into the cylindrical bore wall of fork stems and will work with stems that measure from .5”-1.10” • Powdercoated marine-grade aluminum