2021 Parts Canada ATV-UTV

AUDIO/COMMUNICATION & MOUNTS partscanada.com 2021 PARTS CANADA ATV/UTV BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2021 112 DESCRIPTION PART # Ball accesory base for B‑size (1”) socket arm 0636-0062 BALL ACCESSORY BASE ADAPTER FOR B-SIZE SOCKET ARM • The ideal accessory if you are looking to mount more than one device but cannot locate multiple mounting points on your motorcycle or vehicle • Connects another device to existing RAM Mount • Includes 1” ball connecting to a 1 / 4 ”-20 threaded stud with a length of 1.6” • Threads on this ball replace the bolt in any B-size socket arm and the ball connects to middle of socket arm on the opposite side of the tightening knob NOTE: Socket arm assembly not included. DESCRIPTION PART # RAM spine clip holder w/ 1” ball 0603-0821 RAM SPINE CLIP HOLDER WITH 1” BALL FOR GARMIN ® HANDHELD DEVICES • Easily clips into the integrated spine connection on a wide variety of Garmin ® devices • 1” rubber ball • B-size diamond base adapter and hardware allow connection to any RAM B-size mounting base DESCRIPTION PART # RAM locking knob 0603-0495 RAM LOCKING KNOB • Replaces the existing knob on the socket arm • Locks the arm firmly in place and gives added security DESCRIPTION PART # RAM pin‑lock security knob 0603-0825 RAM PIN-LOCK ™ SECURITY KNOB FOR B-SIZE SOCKET ARM • High-strength composite • Consists of a 1 / 4 ”-20 female-threaded security knob and key knob • Replaces all knobs on 1” diameter B-size arms and mounts DESCRIPTION PART # RAM double 1” ball adapter 0603-0496 RAM DOUBLE 1” BALL ADAPTER • Marine-grade aluminum with a 1” rubber ball on each end • Allows the connection of two 1” socket arms • When measured from ball center to ball center, the arm length is 1.75” • Ideal if your mount arm is too short DESCRIPTION PART # Double‑socket arm w/ swivel 0603-0470 DOUBLE-SOCKET ARM WITH SWIVEL • High-strength composite • Consists of double 1” diameter open-ball sockets with a 360° rotation point at the center and a connecting swivel joint that rotates forward and back 180° • The rubber ball and socket at either end and a central pivot point provide unsurpassed adjustability • The RAM ball sockets maximize ball coverage for optimal fit • 5” overall length DESCRIPTION PART # Short 2” 0603-0467 Medium 3” 0603-0468 DESCRIPTION PART # Long 5.2” 0603-0469 RAM DOUBLE-SOCKET ARMS • Marine-grade aluminum with a black powdercoated finish • Fit 1” rubber ball, bases and adapters 0603‑0468 DESCRIPTION PART # RAM Rod ® fishing rod double ball mount 0603-0820 RAM ROD ® FISHING ROD DOUBLE BALL MOUNT • Unique design offers quick removal of the rod when a fish is caught • Features a securing flip-over bail for rod security • High-strength composite, powdercoated marine-grade aluminum • Two RAM C-size 1.5” rubber balls • Ideally suited for kayaks or traditional fishing vessels • Kit includes 1.5” ball with a 2.5” diameter mounting base • Made in the U.S.A. DESCRIPTION PART # RAM Tough‑Tube ™ rod holder w/ bulkhead/​flat surface base 0603-0819 RAM TOUGH-TUBE ™ ROD HOLDER WITH BULKHEAD/ ​FLAT SURFACE BASE • High-strength composite • Ratchet system allows for multiple articulation points • Lanyard tie points for extra security • Custom designed for heavy chop environments • Mounts virtually anywhere on heavy rigged kayaks without hinderance • Inner diameter 1.9” • Inner tube length 10” (from bottom to top of lip) • Post spline length 3” • Compatible with all RAM and third-party post spline bases • Compatible with spinning reels and level wind reels • Made in the U.S.A.