2021 Parts Canada ATV-UTV

GENERAL ACCESSORIES partscanada.com 2021 PARTS CANADA ATV/UTV BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2021 118 DESCRIPTION PART # Large (fits ATVs up to 80” L x 50” W x 42” H) 4002-0062 DESCRIPTION PART # X‑large (fits ATVs up to 95” L x 50” W x 48” H) 4002-0063 ATV COVERS • Made from durable, weather-resistant, UV-treated Tri-Max ® polyester • Protects from the sun, rain, snow, tree sap and other natural elements • Packed in matching carrying case • Not intended for trailering DESCRIPTION PART # Size XX‑large, for ATVs up to 86.75” L x 50” W x 37.75” H 4002-0060 DESCRIPTION PART # Size XXX‑large, for ATVs up to 93.25” L x 50” W x 40.75” H 4002-0061 GUARDIAN ™ TRAILERABLE RATCHET FASTENING ATV COVERS • Full-size ATV covers constructed of heavy-duty polyester • Features durable integrated ratchet fastening system to provide a secure, snug fit while traveling • Lockable to deter theft • Access slots for trailer tie-downs • Easy to install; sewn-in elastic hem • Added pockets to use the Guardian ™ cover alarm • Polyester construction; available in black DESCRIPTION PART # X‑large 26018-01 DESCRIPTION PART # XX‑large 4001-0080 GUARDIAN ™ ATV COVERS • Durable, lightweight nylon construction • Double-stitched, interlocked seams for superior strength and water resistance • Completely covers vehicle for optimum concealment • Helps protect from rain, dust and bird droppings • Elastic cord in bottom seam provides snug fit • Features four built-in alarm sleeves so you can make your ATV more secure by adding Secure Alarm Systems to your cover; alarms sold separately • X-large is generously sized to fit the largest ATVs • Available in black