2021 Parts Canada ATV-UTV

ENGINE & COOLING partscanada.com 2021 PARTS CANADA ATV/UTV BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2021 495 REPLACEMENT CIRCLIPS DESCRIPTION PART # 14mm circlips CW14 15mm circlips CW15 16mm circlips CW16 DESCRIPTION PART # 18mm circlips CW18 19mm circlips CW19 20mm circlips CW20 CIRCLIPS • Two high-strength, easy-to-install circlips are furnished with every piston • Order additional inventory from the chart below OD/​LENGTH PART # 18mm/2.1062” S-508 WRIST PIN • Strong, lightweight and can be used with OEM pistons, too DIMENSIONS PART # 18 x 22 x 22 B1003 16 x 21 x 19.5 B1008 18 x 23 x 22 B1014 DIMENSIONS PART # 16 x 20 x 19.5 B1016 18 x 22 x 23.5 B1022X TOP END BEARINGS REPLACEMENT RING SETS DESCRIPTION PART # 66mm 2598XC 70mm 2756CD DESCRIPTION PART # 72mm 2835CD 72.5mm 2854CD REPLACEMENT RING SETS • Each ring set is for one piston • See Wiseco ring buyer’s guide for details NOTE: Wiseco rings fit only Wiseco pistons. APPLICATIONS FITS MODEL BORE (MM) X STROKE (MM) DISPL. (CC) BORE SIZE (MM) OVERSIZES (MM) WISECO PISTON PART # REPL. RINGS PART # REPL. CIRCLIPS PART # REPL. WRIST PIN PART # TOP‑END BEARING PART # ARCTIC CAT 400 DVX 04‑08 90 398 90.0 STD 4713M09000 - CW20 - - 12.2 Stock Compression x Nikasil Bore cylinder sleeving 62.6 or replating required for oversizes ATV 550 Limited 09‑13 92 545 92.0 STD 0910-4173 - - - - Core 09‑13, TRV 09‑13 x Prowler XT 09‑13, Cruiser 09‑13 82 GT Models 09‑13 ArmorGlide skirt coated. Stock Compression HIGH-PERFORMANCE PISTONS • Forged from high-silicon aluminum alloy for maximum strength and dependability • Wiseco offers a complete range of popular piston models and years for both trail and racing applications WISECO FEATURES PRO-LITE PISTONS • Durability, longevity and increased horsepower • Innovative forging design and piston skirt provide maximum horsepower and torque 4-STROKE RACER’S CHOICE PISTONS • Now you can own the same race parts as all the top race teams • These high-tech piston designs offer maximum compression ratios, ultra-stiff strutted forgings, and titanium nitride-coated rings, which all add up to more power that is sustained longer • When blow-by starts to increase on other pistons and power starts to fade, Wiseco Race Series parts continue sealing and performing NOTE: Service intervals may be increased with Racer’s Choice pistons over conventional Wiseco pistons, and are for expert racers and tuners only. PK PISTON AND GASKET KITS • Contain all the necessary components for overboring or rebuilding your top end • Feature forged pistons, rings, wrist pins, circlips and top end gasket set • Cylinder sleeves must be purchased separately NOTE: All Wiseco pistons include rings and circlips. HIGH-PERFORMANCE PISTONS continued on next page. Formula for computing cubic centimeter displacement D = Bore Size in Inches; S = Stroke in Inches; Number = Number of Cylinders D(2) x .7854 x S x N x 16.387 = CC Displacement