2021 Parts Canada ATV-UTV

EXHAUST partscanada.com 2021 PARTS CANADA ATV/UTV BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2021 8 FITS MODEL PART # BOMBARDIER/​CAN‑AM DS450 EFI 08‑11 1831-0445 HONDA TRX250X 87‑91/​TRX300EX 93‑08 FMF041024 1 TRX300X 09‑10 FMF041024 1 TRX400EX 99‑08 FMF041025 TRX400X 09‑14 FMF041025 FITS MODEL PART # KAWASAKI KFX450R 08‑11 1831-0382 POLARIS 500 Predator 03‑07 1831-0011 SUZUKI LTZ400 03‑09 1831-0478 FITS MODEL PART # YAMAHA YFM250R Raptor 08‑15 1831-0402 YFM350 Raptor 05‑13 1831-0084 YFZ450 04‑09/12‑15 1831-0365 YFZ450R 09‑17, YFZ450X 10‑11 1831-0517 YFM660R Raptor 01‑05 FMF044016 YFM700 Raptor 06‑19 1831-0647 1 Full system. POWERCORE 4/4 SA • Modular end cap allows easy tuning alterations • Standard Hi-Flo 2” end cap boosts all-around performance; optional smaller 1 3 / 4 ” end cap smooths power delivery; spark arrestor module adds off-road versatility • Computer-designed and dyno-tested for every 4-stroke application • Enhanced sonic evacuation delivers a higher flow of exhaust gases, which increases power • A stainless steel mid-pipe mates to the computer-designed aluminum rear can for lightweight durability • Square or round (depending on the machine) perforated steel inner cores make for optimum flow, using hi-flo technology • FMF’s exclusive cross-weave internal packing provides longevity and maximum sound dispersion • Elliptical aluminum can offers strategic sizing for superior performance • Optional Quiet Core insert will provide a decrease in sound level if desired • PowerCore 4 SA (spark arrestor) features a patented screen-type spark arrestor that is approved by the U.S.F.S. and does not interrupt exhaust flow, so there’s no performance loss • The PowerCore 4 SA system’s strategic ports allow the sonics to evacuate more effectively with the computer-designed Performance Flow end cap FITS MODEL DESCRIPTION PART # YAMAHA YFZ450 04‑09/12‑15 Natural titanium system 1830-0210 YFZ450R 09‑20, YFZ450X 10‑11 Anodized titanium system, anodized muffler has carbon fiber end cap and MegaBomb stainless steel header 1830-0410 FITS MODEL DESCRIPTION PART # YAMAHA (CONT) YFM700R Raptor 06‑14 Natural titanium slip‑on 1831-0359 YFM700R Raptor 15‑20 Natural titanium system 1830-0390 Natural titanium slip‑on 1831-0359 FACTORY 4.1 ™ SYSTEMS AND SLIP-ON MUFFLERS • Complete systems and slip-on mufflers • Systems feature titanium PowerBomb header and midpipe, except where noted • Slip-on mufflers available in natural titanium • Titanium slip-on mufflers include a stainless steel midpipe • The lightest mufflers and full systems available • Superior power and performance – horsepower improved throughout the rpm range 1831‑0445 FMF041024 1830‑0410 1831‑0359 • Feature exclusive proprietary Chamber Core and PowerBomb technology • Factory forward engineering centralizes mass, improves handling • Made from premium quality American materials • Customize with performance tuning inserts and spark arrestor module