2021 FatBook Canadian Catalogue Drag Specialties

Painter: Brian @ Mazz Custom Paint, Glendale Arizona The 2021 Drag Specialties FatBook Bike is designed and built by Cory Ness of Arlen Ness Enterprises in Dublin, California. Ness is a well-known figure in the motorcycle industry for his bike builds and skill in designing and engineering innovative motorcycle accessories. “It was a neat opportunity,” says Ness. “Arlen Ness is celebrating the 50 th year of being in business, and had not done a Drag bike in a while. So when Tom called and offered the chance to build a bike, we took on the challenge of working with a newer Softail model.” A 2019 ON THE COVER FLSB Sport Glide was the bike of choice. “I liked the look of the bike, especially the stock bags. That was the main reason I selected this model. But I wanted to give the bike more of a classic Dyna-ish look.” Ness enjoys the challenge of building a bike for Drag Specialties. “Drag is fun to work with, as they have something of a ‘no rules’ philosophy,” he says. “You get a lot of freedom to design what you want.” Ness incorporated a selection of parts from his own company’s lineup and complemented them with products from other top vendors that are found in the Drag Specialties FatBook. “It is a fun way to