2021 Parts Canada Offroad Catalogue

HANDLEBARS & HAND CONTROLS partscanada.com 2021 PARTS CANADA OFFROAD BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2021 140 PRIMAL STEALTH HANDSHIELDS COMPLETE RACER PACKS • Same great features of the proven Alloy Stealth, plus flexible plastic brackets • Designed to fit any off-road motorcycle • Incredibly lightweight and completely adjustable • Will break away in a hard crash; won’t interfere with controls and levers • Complete with all mounting hardware, one set of plastic shields and two sets of mount brackets STEALTH DX RACER PACKS • Slim, low-profile handshield design • CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum brackets • Flexible rubber edge provides 20% more coverage than the traditional Cycra ® Stealth handshields • Incorporates mount plate on front that lets them mount to the brackets in an upper or lower position • Includes mounting hardware STEALTH ALLOY RACER PACKS • High-quality, injection-molded composite shields • Slim, low-profile handshield design • Simple and easy to install • Rotating bolt plate allows brackets to be mounted above or below levers • Fits most applications from mini bikes to full-size bikes and quads • CNC-machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum alloy brackets • Includes shields, brackets and hardware COLOR PART # (A) Black 0635-0414 (B) Orange 0635-0415 (C) Red 0635-0416 COLOR PART # (D) White 0635-0417 (E) Green 0635-0420 (F) Yellow 0635-1682 COLOR PART # (G) Blue 0635-1683 COLOR PART # (H) Black 0635-0208 (I) Orange 0635-0209 (J) Red 0635-0210 (K) White 0635-0211 COLOR PART # (L) Yellow 0635-0212 (M) Blue 0635-0213 (N) Green 0635-0214 COLOR PART # (O) Black 0635-0201 (P) Orange 0635-0202 (Q) Red 0635-0203 (R) White 0635-0204 COLOR PART # (S) Yellow 0635-0205 (T) Blue 0635-0206 (U) Green 0635-1685 S O T P R Q U H J I K L M N A C B D E G F