2021 Parts Canada Street Catalogue

WINDSHIELDS partscanada.com 2021 PARTS CANADA STREET BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2021 223 COLOR PART # GL1200, STANDARD HEIGHT Clear 2312-0090 Gradient black 2312-0091 GL1200, 2” TALLER Clear 2312-0099 Gradient black 2312-0100 Solar 2312-0107 GL1200, STANDARD VENTED Gradient black 2312-0145 Solar 2312-0146 COLOR PART # GL1200, TALL VENTED Gradient black 2312-0148 GL1500, STANDARD HEIGHT Clear 2312-0108 Gradient black 2312-0109 GL1500, 2” TALLER Clear 2312-0117 GL1500, STANDARD VENTED Clear 2312-0150 Gradient black 2312-0151 COLOR PART # GL1500, TALL VENTED Clear 2312-0159 Solar 2312-0167 GL1800, STANDARD Clear 2312-0126 Gradient black 2312-0127 GL1800, TALL Clear 2312-0135 Gradient black 2312-0136 COLOR PART # GL1800, STANDARD W/ VENT HOLE Clear 2312-0168 Gradient black 2312-0169 Gradient ruby 2312-0170 GL1800, TALL W/ VENT HOLE Clear 2312-0177 Gradient black 2312-0178 Gradient blue 2312-0183 Solar 2312-0185 DESCRIPTION PART # GL1800‑style replacement vent 2321-0145 GOLD WING WINDSHIELDS • Available in gradient colors, plus clear and solar • A high-quality windshield upgrade at a fraction of the cost of an OEM replacement • Made of DOT approved 3 / 16 ” Lucite ® for excellent optics and durability • OEM-style and available in choice of two sizes: standard height and 2” taller • Vented models come with an OEM-style vent with a mechanical open/​close feature • GL1800 windshields with vent hole do not include a vent; use existing OEM vent or order GL1800 replacement vent • GL1200 and GL1500 vented windshields now include an updated GL1800-style vent NOTE: The updated GL1800-style vent will not fit earlier Memphis Shades vented Gold Wing windshields. 2321-0145 Replacement vent GL1800 Solar with vent hole GL1800 Blue with vent hole GL1200 Vented Clear GL1500 Vented Black GL1800 Ruby with vent hole