2021 Parts Canada Street Catalogue

SEATS & SISSY BARS partscanada.com 2021 PARTS CANADA STREET BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2021 323 DESCRIPTION PART # Small, 9.5” L x 7” W (front) x 8.5” W (back) x 1.5” H 607573 Medium, 12” L x 8.5” W (front) x 14.5” W (back) x 1.5” H 607574 DESCRIPTION PART # Large, 14” L x 9.5” W (front) x 16” W (back) x 1.5” H 607575 X‑large, 16.5” L x 6.5” W (front) x 8” W (back) x 1.5” H 607576 X-TENDER GEL SEATS • Unbeatable fusion of X Gel and Viscoelastic foam designed for ultimate riding comfort • Concave design eliminates pressure points on tailbone and spine caused by long hours of riding or sitting • Absorbs vibrations caused by road bumps to give unsurpassed riding comfort • Climate-control gel polymer is divided into two parts (in Medium and Large seats only) to channel airflow and instantaneously responds to body movement by dispersing pressure • Drymax ® mesh on seat top allows fabric to breathe and helps promote airflow through seat • Adjustable elastic loop system snaps seat in place; anti-skid bottom also helps keep seat from moving • Waterproof inner lining protects Viscoelastic foam and X Gel from getting wet • X Gel will not melt, harden, crack or leak DESCRIPTION PART # Gloss black 0820-0098 DESCRIPTION PART # Chrome 0820-0099 QUICK SEAT RELEASE SCREWS FOR INDIAN 14-21 MODELS • Eliminate the hassle of removing the seat on your Indian • Made from machined steel with a knurled grip for easy tool-less removal and installation • Works with virtually any factory or aftermarket seat, including Scout models with a passenger or 2-up seat 0820‑0098 0820‑0099 DESCRIPTION PART # Chrome seat hinge replacement bolt 0820-0086 CHROME SEAT HINGE REPLACEMENT BOLT • Replacement shoulder bolt for Biltwell seat hinges is chrome-plated for added protection against the elements, and a more finished, less industrial look • Mates to all Macho and cast stainless steel Biltwell seat hinges DESCRIPTION PART # Gen 3 seat hinge bung 0820-0087 GEN 3 SEAT HINGE BUNG • Investment-cast chromoly steel bung fits 1.5” OD backbone tubes on stock and custom motorcycle frames • Includes self-lubricating bronze pivot bushings to reduce binding, ensure tighter tolerances and provide smoother operation when paired with a Biltwell seat hinge • Raw finish welds easily and takes spray-can paint like a champ • Mates to any generation or style of Biltwell brand seat hinge DESCRIPTION PART # Cast stainless steel seat hinge 0820-0046 CAST STAINLESS STEEL SEAT HINGE • Investment-cast stainless steel seat hinge is rugged and beautiful • Raw cast chromoly bung welds to the backbone of the bike’s frame to create a hinge for mounting solo seats on custom choppers • Stainless steel seat bracket bolts securely to the weld-on bung with a recessed shoulder bolt to form a hinge on finished assembly • Hand-polished finish DESCRIPTION PART # Macho seat hinge 0820-0045 MACHO SEAT HINGE • The evolution of Biltwell’s original 4130 chromoly seat hinge • Second-generation welded seat bracket now features an even tougher investment-cast steel pivot head • Retrofits to both the original welded and newer cast hinge bung, so upgrades are easy • Black electroplated finish 607573 607574 607575 607576