2021 Parts Canada Street Catalogue

SEATS & SISSY BARS partscanada.com 2021 PARTS CANADA STREET BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2021 326 DESCRIPTION PART # Seat heater 0821-1612 SEAT HEATER • Works with motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs and snowmobiles • Ultra-thin, flexible and easy to install under the stock seat cover • Measures 9” x 9” • Durable long-lasting carbon fiber cloth-like element • 30 watts (less than 2 amps) • Includes a 24” quick-disconnect cable for easy seat removal, on/​off switch and required hardware for installation DESCRIPTION PART # Heated seat pad 0821-2264 HEATED SEAT PAD • Ergonomically designed to give a snug fit over most seat shapes and sizes and can be used on motorcycles (sportbike or big cruiser/​ touring seats), snowmobiles and ATVs • Provides full heat coverage and chill-free riding comfort; raises rider to a minimal height • Produces 17.4 watts of heat and draws 1.3 Amps of current • Anti-skid bottom keeps seat in place once snapped on with adjustable webbing system; includes extra-long webbing for bigger seats • Constructed using light and flexible ZEPTO heat metal fiber technology • Drymax ® outer seat shell allows fabric to breathe and helps air flow through seat; waterproof inner lining protects heat metal fibers from getting wet • Comes with a 20” battery cord and built-in ON/​OFF switch • Dimensions: 14.5” L x 14.25” W (at widest point) x 0.19” H DESCRIPTION PART # Dual sport seat cushion 0807-0165 AIRHAWK DUAL SPORT SEAT CUSHION • Designed specifically for the more narrow front of the Dual Sport/​Adventure seats • Cover is constructed from stretch polyester top material with three-layer knit polyester side panels • Fills the gap when the medium is too wide and the small is too long • Measures 11” W x 11.5” D • Made in the U.S.A. DESCRIPTION PART # Large (14” x 14”) 0807-0167 DESCRIPTION PART # Small (11” x 11”) 0807-0166 AIRHAWK R SEAT PADS • Center cut-out area runs from the front to the back of the cushion, creating strategic points of no contact • Back cutaway allows for tailbone and prostate relief and has a tapered transition for increased comfort • Re-designed cell geometry improves airflow under the rider to keep pad and rider cool • Includes a nonskid cover and straps for securing it to the bike’s seat • Cover is constructed from a breathable space mesh with red vinyl accents • Automatically adjusts to the shape of the rider • Made in the U.S.A. DESCRIPTION PART # Medium (14” L x 14” W) 0807-0095 DESCRIPTION PART # Small (18” L x 12” W) 0807-0096 DESCRIPTION PART # Small pillion (11” L x 9” W) 0807-0097 AIRHAWK 2 SEAT PADS • Unique inflatable, multiple-cell design for the ultimate in comfortable seating and vibration absorption • Made from polyurethane and features a breathable, stretchable outer cover and a nonskid urethane base to protect your seat • Features open-mesh side panel to allow air circulation through individual air cells, creating extra ventilation to reduce heat buildup • Shape Fitting Technology eliminates painful pressure points and promotes consistent blood flow for a longer, more comfortable ride • Automatically adjusts to the shape of the rider • Raises ride height only slightly • Securely fastens via double-strap system running under seat or pillion • Will not scratch or disfigure existing seat or pillion • Valve for inflation, adjustment and deflation • Made in the U.S.A. 0807‑0167 0807‑0097 0807‑0096 0807‑0095