2021 Parts Canada Tire & Service

SERVICE & MAINTENANCE TOOLS partscanada.com BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2021 2021 TIRE & SERVICE 343 DESCRIPTION PART # 12V battery eyelet connector w/ integrated state of charge monitor for lead‑acid batteries; 24” L 3807-0500 12V battery eyelet connector w/ integrated state of charge monitor for lithium LiFePO4 batteries; 24” L 3807-0501 OPTIMATE BATTERY STATUS/ ​CHARGE SYSTEM MONITORS • Permanent battery leads with integrated battery status/​charge system monitors for 12V lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries • Monitor charge or confirm if the charging system is working correctly • Two automatic modes: battery charge level monitor and charging system test • SAE charge port with weatherproof sealing cap DESCRIPTION PART # 01 permanent battery lead 3807-0259 O1 PERMANENT BATTERY LEAD • Weatherproof cap • -40°C/-40°F very low temperature use; cable remains flexible at ‘below freezing’ temperatures • Molded ringlets • Will work with Moose Utility Division OptiMate 3 and OptiMate 6 battery chargers DESCRIPTION PART # Powersports 3807-0353 DESCRIPTION PART # Auto/​marine 3807-0454 JARS OF EYELET CONNECTORS • Jar of 20 premium quick-connector permanent battery leads • PART #3807-0353 features a heavy-duty weather-protected powersports connection system and cable with 1 / 4 ” diameter eyelets • PART #3807-0454 features a heavy-duty auto/​marine connection system and cable with 5 / 16 ” diameter eyelets • Industry standard 2-pin SAE connector • Length 20”/​50cm; and M6 weather-protected 15A fuse • -40°F/-40°C very low temperature use • Cable remains flexible at below freezing temperatures • Rubber sealing cap and shroud for OptiMate heavy-duty SAE connector 3807‑0500 3807‑0501 3807‑0353