2021 Parts Canada Tire & Service

TRANSPORT, TRAILER & LOCKS partscanada.com BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2021 2021 TIRE & SERVICE 516 DESCRIPTION PART # Strap Rings 3920-0341 STRAP RINGS • Allow you to attach tie-downs almost anywhere there is an 8mm or smaller bolt • Break-rated at 2,000 lb. • Large enough to accept 3 / 8 ” coated tie-down hooks, as well as 8mm carabiner hooks • Great for attaching tie-downs to triple clamps and even in the bed of a truck or trailer • Sold in pairs • Made in the U.S.A. DESCRIPTION PART # Wheel chock E‑track adapter kit 3911-0038 UNIVERSAL E-TRACK ADAPTER KIT • Designed to be used with either Condor Pit Stop/​Trailer Stop (PART #4101-0135), Condor Simple Chock Trailer (PART #4101-0137) or the Condor Chopper Chock • Allows these chocks to quickly and securely attach to the E-track on any trailer platform and position the chocks anywhere along the track for maximum flexibility • Heavy-duty plated steel construction • Includes Boomerang bar for added stability and hardware DESCRIPTION PART # L‑TRACK KIT Surface‑mount (ea.) 3920-0260 L‑TRACK ACCESSORIES Steadymate stud fittings (2‑pk.) 3920-0274 DESCRIPTION PART # L‑TRACK ACCESSORIES (CONT) Heavy‑duty triple stud fitting w/ pear ring (2‑pk.) 3920-0275 Recessed L‑track end caps (4‑pk.) 106523 Filler strip for L‑track (25’ roll) 106524 L-TRACK KIT AND ACCESSORIES • The same track used in the airline industry to secure seats • Allow more flexibility than a fixed tie-down mounting point • Provide 8”-16” of front-to-back adjustment • Can be used on either the floor or wall of your trailer • Made of high-strength 7075-T6 aircraft-quality clear-anodized aluminum • Surface-Mount L-Track Kit PART #3920-0260 includes one 8” piece of track, Steadymate Stud Fitting and installation hardware 106523 106524 3920‑0260 3920‑0275 DESCRIPTION PART # Surface Mount E Kit 3920-0264 Tie‑offs, 2” web, 6” L (pr.) 3920-0278 Series E or A fitting w/ 2” D‑ring (pr.) 3920-0279 SURFACE-MOUNT E SECUREMENT POINT KIT • Can be easily installed without any routering • Easy bolt-on solution to creating a securement point anywhere in a trailer • Great solution for two machines sharing the same fitting in a double-wide trailer • Kit includes one tie-off and installation hardware • Additional fittings sold separately DESCRIPTION PART # Zinc‑plated 3920-0359 DESCRIPTION PART # Stainless steel 3920-0360 D-RING ANCHOR KITS • Rated to 5,000 lb. • Flush-mount so they do not interfere with cargo and spring-loaded for no rattling when not in use • Available in stainless steel or zinc plated • Each kit includes two D-rings, full backer plates and all hardware, including Torx T-20 fasteners and driver • Easy-to-follow installation template and instructions included on the package • Made in the U.S.A. 3920‑0359 3920‑0264