2022 Parts Canada Bicycle Catalogue

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 PARTSCANADA.COM 2022 | BICYCLE TOOLS & LUBES/MERCHANDISING 56 DESCRIPTION PART # M19 multi-tool 3812-0673 M19 MULTI-TOOL •The perfect trailside companion •High-tensile steel multi-tools •Feature a precise fit and finish •Side grips for a secure handhold even with gloves on are also featured •Includes chain tools, hex wrenches, open wrenches, screwdrivers, spoke wrenches and torx wrenches •Weighs 175g DESCRIPTION PART # M20 multi-tool 3812-0670 M20 MULTI-TOOL •The ultimate trailside companion •Features 20 high-tensile steel multi-tools, including an integrated tire plug tool •Tire plugs come included with a storage case that mounts directly to the tool •The case can also be used to conveniently store chain links •Includes chain tools, hex wrenches, open wrench, screwdrivers, tire plug tool, tire plugs, valve core removal tool, rotor straightener, spoke wrenches and torx wrenches •Weighs 203g DESCRIPTION PART # Cigar Tool Plug Kit and CO 2 Head 3812-0677 DESCRIPTION PART # Plug refill 10-pack 3812-0678 CIGAR TOOL PLUG KIT AND CO 2 HEAD •Compact tubeless tire repair kit with CO 2 adapter •Aluminum storage case with threaded top cap for CO 2 •CO 2 cartridge screws directly into the plunger tool, doubling as storage and a handle •Comes with Klic CO 2 cartridge adapter (Presta only) to allow use of CO 2 •Bottle cage bracket to mount directly to bike frame •Includes five tire plugs •Plug refill 10-pack available separately •Weighs: 55g •Measures: 78mm L x 30mm W NOTE: CO 2 cartridges cannot be transported on an aircraft. 3812-0678 3812-0677 DESCRIPTION PART # Thor canopy 4030-0026 THOR CANOPY •Features a quick-release folding frame for easy setup and take down •Multiple height options; adjusts for wind or sun direction •Measures 10’ x 10’ DESCRIPTION PART # Intense 9905-0177 MAT •Designed to not only dress up your pit area or shop floor, but are also environmentally friendly •Bike mats can absorb up to 6 liters of fluid like radiator coolant, oil, and any other solvent-based products that can harm the environment, by being contained within the mat, or help absorb mud and water at entrance to your store •Not only are they lightweight, but can easily be washed and reused •Measures: 31 1 / 2 ” W x 78 3 / 4 ” DESCRIPTION PART # 2022 Bicycle Catalog (English) 9901-2929 2022 Bicycle Catalog (French) 9901-2930 PARTS CANADA BICYCLE CATALOG