Parts Canada 2022 New Fall Product Update

100% 2022 54 NEW FALL PRODUCT UPDATE GOGGLES ARMEGA GOGGLES • Injection-molded 2mm impact-rated, shatter-resistant lens • Bonded, dual-injection frame construction maximizes strength and durability • Contouring compression seal technology to keep goggles in place • Ultra-wide 48mm strap with thick silicon bead for maximum grip • Quick release system offers simple lens-changing capability • Next-generation seat collection management and drainage system • Perforated triple-layer face foam manages sweat and increases ventilation • Removable nose guard for extra deflection against roast and debris PART NO. DESCRIPTION A 2601-3189 ARMEGA HIPER GOGGLE IZI - MIRROR BLUE LENS PART NO. DESCRIPTION B 2601-3190 ARMEGA GOGGLE CW2 - CLEAR LENS C 2601-3191 ARMEGA GOGGLE KOROPI - CLEAR LENS D 2601-3192 ARMEGA GOGGLE TZAR - CLEAR LENS PART NO. DESCRIPTION E 2601-3193 ARMEGA GOGGLE CW2 - MIRROR RED LENS F 2601-3194 ARMEGA GOGGLE KOROPI - MIRROR SILVER FLASH LENS G 2601-3195 ARMEGA GOGGLE TZAR - MIRROR GOLD LENS ARMEGA FORECAST GOGGLES • 45mm-wide film provides maximum vision • Self-cleaning canister with integrated film wipe reduces mud buildup • Transparent film canisters provide an easy view of remaining film • Smooth rolling drawstring for easy pulling • Oversized strap holds goggles motionless in wet conditions • In the box: mud flap, two rolls of film, and microfiber bag PART NO. DESCRIPTION 2601-3135 ARMEGA FORECAST GOGGLE NUCLEAR CITRUS - CLEAR LENS A B C D E F G