2022 Parts Canada Helmet & Apparel

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 GUARDS & SUPPORT PARTSCANADA.COM HELMET & APPAREL | 2022 SEE PAGE 7 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING 471 DESCRIPTION BLACK/​RED Youth back protector 2702-0203 NUCLEON KR-Y YOUTH PROTECTOR • CE-certified against EN 1621-2:2014 (Level 2) • Extremely lightweight, flexible and ergonomically profiled for an optimized anatomical fit • Incorporates an airflow channel system for cooling and comfort • Soft, viscoelastic PU foam compound construction • Kidney belt features dual hook-and-loop closure system • Ergonomic protection plate contours to the natural curve of the back, ensuring an optimal fit when in the riding position • Adjustable, detachable elastic shoulder straps with snap-fit attachment DESCRIPTION (A) BLACK/​FLUO YELLOW (B) BLACK/​WHITE Youth neck support 2707-0113 2707-0124 YOUTH NECK SUPPORTS • Compact, easy-to-use design for kids ages 8-14 • Ergonomic design and engineered shape for ideal fitment with Alpinestars A-5 S • Left and right rigid frames are made from a polymer compound combination with the internal smooth edge made of soft-injected EVA to provide a great fit and stable positioning • Overall frame construction dissipates energy loads by transmitting them across the back • Flexible back connector between the left and right frames allows the neck support to follow the body’s movements when riding • Chin plates on the front dissipate pressure of the helmet when impacting • Quick-release closure system to easily engage or disengage the neck support • Compatible with Alpinestars A-5 S; can also be worn on its own using the A-strap (included in the YNS kit) SIZE BLACK/​RED S/M 2707-0114 SIZE BLACK/​RED L/XL 2707-0115 SEQUENCE YOUTH NECK ROLL • Hybrid youth neck guard with extended tail for high position stability • Ergonomic design and engineered shape to fit kids from 6-10 years and youth from 10-14 years of age • Double-density core is made from a soft PU foam base embedding a hard layer EVA core for energy dissipation • Bottom and internal soft section (neck sides) provides comfort for the shoulders and neck, hard section on upper part provides stability and provides force distribution when the helmet is impacting • Easy-to-use soft strap closure on the front part • Highly compatible with all other protectors and jackets • External cover can be pulled off of the core for washing via hook-and-loop closure at the rear A B Back view Back view Back view SIZE BLACK S/M 2703-0148 SIZE BLACK L/XL 2703-0150 YOUTH SEQUENCE KIDNEY BELT • Ergonomically designed for maximum stability across the lumbar spine and lower back • Lightweight and flexible lower back shell construction provides the perfect balance of support impact protection and flexibility for highest comfort when riding • TPR cell structure of the main panel is flexible to allow the ease of movement • Highly breathable and allows for maximum airflow • Perforations in the waist strap, elastic bands and 3D mesh provide extra ventilation