2022 Parts Canada Helmet & Apparel

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 FOOTWEAR PARTSCANADA.COM HELMET & APPAREL | 2022 SEE PAGE 7 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING 595 VENTED SIZE (A) BLACK (B) BLACK/​WHITE/​RED 39 3401-0746 - 40 3401-0747 - 41 3401-0748 - 42 3401-0749 3401-0759 SIZE (A) BLACK (B) BLACK/​WHITE/​RED 43 3401-0750 3401-0760 44 3401-0751 3401-0761 45 3401-0752 3401-0762 46 3401-0753 3401-0763 SIZE (A) BLACK (B) BLACK/​WHITE/​RED 47 3401-0754 - 48 3401-0755 - SUPERTECH R BOOTS • Durable technical microfiber upper construction has superior flexibility • Front flex area is soft TPU overinjected on a breathable mesh with shaped reliefs for improved abrasion resistance • Design allows for natural forward-and-back movement • Flexible accordion microfiber stretch area at Achilles heel allows for natural movement of the foot • Top boot gaiter follows the contour of the leg; is made of flexible high-grade synthetic leather reinforced with PU to help maintain its shape • Full-length suede microfiber panel on inner side of the boot provides a smooth surface for excellent grip and feel against the bike; also protects against heat • Redesigned lightweight rubber compound sole offers excellent grip and feel, provides natural flex when changing foot position and pressure on the footpeg • Flexible, lightweight toe shifter gives excellent feel when changing gears • Strategically placed ventilation in the heel and shin TPU guide air through the boot • Extremely flexible, comfortable design with excellent aerodynamics • Separate internal biomechanical ankle brace works with the outer structure of the boot to form a protective system that allows full freedom of movement of the foot, ankle and leg • External TPU shin protector is a compact design that wraps around the outer calf and is engineered to dissipate impact energy across the entire surface • Replaceable clip-on shin slider improves protection from abrasion; vented sections improve airflow into the boot • Integrated, replaceable co-injected TPU and aluminum toe slider features new easy-access screw fixing concept, provides improved feel and protects the boot outer box structure from abrasion SUPERTECH R BOOTS continued on next page. • Replaceable nylon heel plate slider protects from impacts and reduces friction in the case of a crash • Outer boot entry/​exit has stretch accordion panel for a close fit and ease of entrance/​removal • Closure zippers are mounted soft TPU stretch panel for easy close and an excellent fit; additional TPU zip slider reduces friction in the event of a crash • Hook-and-loop tab lock keeps the zip pull closed, flat and secure • Micro-adjustable redesigned ratchet top closure stows tab end • CE-certified to EN 13634:2010 • Available in men’s European full sizes as listed; check Alpinestars size chart on page 629 before ordering A B