2022 Parts Canada Helmet & Apparel

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 RIDER ACCESSORIES PARTSCANADA.COM HELMET & APPAREL | 2022 773 DESCRIPTION PART # Canopy 4030-0026 THOR CANOPY • Features a quick-release folding frame for easy setup and takedown • Multiple height options; adjusts for wind or sun direction • Measures 10’ x 10’ DESCRIPTION PART # (A) Plastic top corner fitting for std.corner leg 4030-0014 (B) Plastic bottom fitting for std.corner leg (pull) 4030-0015 (C) Plastic bottom fitting for std.center pole 4030-0017 (D) Plastic fitting for std.or HD crosspiece 4030-0018 DESCRIPTION PART # (E) Plastic foot for std.canopy leg 4030-0019 (F) Plastic pull pin fitting for std. leg bottom collar 4030-0020 (G) Plastic top fitting for std.center pole 4030-0021 REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR COLLAPSIBLE CANOPIES • For Moose Racing Agroid canopy PART #4030-0035, Parts Unlimited canopy PART #4030-0008, Drag Specialties canopy PART #4030-0009 and Thor canopy PART #4030-0026 A A B B C C D D E E F F G G