2022 Spring Icon Collection

SAFETY WARNING: Riding a motorcycle is a dangerous activity. No helmet can protect a wearer against all possible impacts. When riding, always wear a helmet, eye protection, protective clothing, gloves and boots. There is no assurance that serious injury or death can be avoided even if you wear a helmet. Take all precautions to avoid every risk when riding a motorcycle. This helmet is not meant for use as a f ire retardant product and does not contain any f ire retardant materials. Please ensure that your ICON® products f it properly. Improperly f itting products can impair your ability to control your motorcycle. A I R F R A M E P R O The modern r iding posi t ion - higher rear sets , lower c l ip-ons - has dramat i cal ly al tered how a r ider interacts wi th the modern hyperspor t motorcyc le. Compressed into an ever more compact shape, the r ider ’s head posi t ioning requi res increased angle to maintain v is ibi l i ty and stabi l i ty. Wi th thi s in mind, ICON des igned the AIRFRAME PRO™ . V A R I A N T P R O The VARIANT PRO ™ showcases compos i te shel l s . Featur ing a 3D molded shield and an aerodynami cal ly opt imi zed v isor, i t has a style al l i ts own. From st reet f ighters to spor tbikes to cruisers to ADV bikes , the VARIANT PRO ™ is for those who r ide outside the boundar ies of convent ion. The VARIANT PRO ™ i s our premier al l - ter rain opt ion. A I R F L I T E A neo-retro glimpse into one possible future, the AIRFLITE ™ is the vessel of your dreams. The visually-defining shield makes a statement on the streets while the helmet ’s versatility and customizable ability speak to the development and design. Remove the shield, replace it with the AIRFLITE ™ visor, and the helmet goes from street to dir t in a matter of moments. Combine that with a recessed twin-channel cooling system, HydraDry ™ comfor t liner, inner DROPSHIELD, sculpted neck-roll, and internal speaker pockets, and you get the ultimate street-style helmet . A I R F O R M For almost two decades , ICON Motospor ts has come to def ine moto-st reet style. Proven des ign, comfor table f i t , and superb qual i ty for the max imum value, the AIRFORM ™ helmet is an excel lent ent ry point into the ICON fami ly. Inc ludes wor ld- renowned HydraDry ™ comfor t l iner, vent i lat ion, and an inner DROPSHIELD for those r ides that star t before sunr i se and end wel l af ter the sunset . Highly customi zable for those who l ike to dial i t in.