2022 Spring Icon Collection

AIRFLITE GOGGLE™ H E L M E T A C C E S S O R Y TINTED GOGGLES SHOULD NOT BE USED DURING HOURS OF LOW LIGHT. When choosing goggles check to conf irm that they do not reduce your ability to recognize street signals. Any goggles that reduce riders ability to recognize street signals should not be used. FEATURES Single Pane Lens, Silicone Anti-Slip Strap GOGGLE ONE SIZE BLACK # 2601 -3231 LENS ONE SIZE CLEAR # 2602 -1028 DARK SMOKE # 2602 -1029 RED # 2602 -1030 SILVER # 2602 -1031 GOLD # 2602 -1032 INCLUDES CLEAR LENS & RST RED LENS FITS BOTH ICON AIRFLIT…™ AND VARIANT PRO™ H…LM…TS // 33