2022 Spring Icon Collection

AIRFLITE VISOR™ H E L M E T A C C E S S O R Y AIRFLITE AIRFOIL SB™ H E L M E T A C C E S S O R Y VISOR ONE SIZE BLACK # 0133 -1176 WHITE # 0133 -1177 RUBATONE BLACK # 0133 -1178 AIRFOIL ONE SIZE RUBATONE BLACK # 0133 -1285 RST SILVER # 0133 -1286 RST GOLD # 0133 -1287 PRISM # 0133 -1288 RUBATONE WHITE # 0133 -1290 RST BRONZE # 0133 -1364 Go fromstreet to hooligan in amatter of seconds with the Airflite™ visor accessory. It clips into the existing shield ratchet on any Airflite helmet, which allows you to swap out your shield to the visor and run your helmet with goggles. An aesthetic touch for the aggressive street bike statement, the Airfoil SB™ fits all models of Airflite™ helmets. Available in 5 colors, allowing you to customize your look. Stand out among the masses with the Airfoil SB. // 35