2022 Spring Icon Collection

CUSTOMIZE YOUR AIRFORM ICON OPTICSTM SHIELD ICON REAR SPOILERTM ICON DROPSHIELDTM Now you can dial in your helmet even more with the AIRFORM™ Rear Spoilers and Speedfin™. Available in all the same RST colors as the shields. You can mix and match colors, giving you 1400 different custom options. TINTED FACE SHIELDS, DROPSHIELDS, PINLOCK INSERTS, OR TEAR-OFFS SHOULD NOT BE USED DURING HOURS OF LOW LIGHT When choosing a face shield, dropshield, Pinlock inser t, tear-offs or any combination of them, check to conf irm that your ability to recognize street signals is not reduced. Any face shield, dropshield, Pinlock inser t, tear-offs or combination of them, that reduces riders ability to recognize street signals should not be used. ICON OPTICS™ SHIELDS PART # DARK SMOKE 0130-0478 LIGHT SMOKE 0130-0477 YELLOW 0130-0500 RST SILVER 0130-0482 RST GOLD 0130-0481 RST BRONZE 0130-1002 RST BLUE 0130-0479 RST RED 0130-0640 RST PURPLE 0130-0648 RST GREEN 0130-0480 RST CHAMELEON 0130-0483 CLEAR 0130-0476 *PINLOCK® READY SHIELDS/LENSES ALSO AVAILABLE ON PAGE 53 ICON DROPSHIELD™ PART # DARK SMOKE 0130-0629 LIGHT SMOKE 0130-0630 YELLOW 0130-0631 RST SILVER 0130-0634 RST GOLD 0130-0633 RST BRONZE 0130-1004 RST BLUE 0130-0636 RST RED 0130-0635 RST PURPLE 0130-0894 RST GREEN 0130-0893 CLEAR 0130-0632 AIRFORM™ REAR SPOILERS PART # SMOKE 0133-1185 RST SILVER 0133-1205 RST GOLD 0133-1206 RST BRONZE 0133-1365 RST RED 0133-1207 RST BLUE 0133-1208 RST PURPLE 0133-1209 RST GREEN 0133-1210 DAYGLO GREEN 0133-1309 DAYGLO RED 0133-1310 SPEEDFIN™ PART # BLACK SILVER 0133 -1373 BLACK RED 0133 -1374 BLACK BLUE 0133 -1375 BLACK GREEN 0133 -1376 WHITE SILVER 0133 -1377 WHITE BRONZE 0133 -1378 50 // RIDEICON.COM