2022 Spring Icon Collection

ICON’s FLITESHIELD™ shield is designed to fit the AIRFLITE™ helmet. The Pinlock® fog-free insert lenses are only compatible with Pinlock® ready shields. AIRFLITE™ TINTED FACE SHIELDS, DROPSHIELDS, PINLOCK INSERTS, OR TEAR-OFFS SHOULD NOT BE USED DURING HOURS OF LOW LIGHT When choosing a face shield, dropshield, Pinlock inser t, tear-offs or any combination of them, check to conf irm that your ability to recognize street signals is not reduced. Any face shield, dropshield, Pinlock inser t, tear-offs or combination of them, that reduces riders ability to recognize street signals should not be used. FLITESHIELDTM CLEAR 0130-0777 FOG FREE CLEAR FLITESHIELDTM DARK SMOKE 0130-0780 FOG FREE DARK SMOKE FLITESHIELDTM LIGHT SMOKE 0130-0779 FOG FREE LIGHT SMOKE FLITESHIELDTM RST SILVER 0130-0781 FOG FREE RST SILVER FLITESHIELDTM RST RED 0130-0783 FOG FREE RST RED FLITESHIELDTM RST BRONZE 0130-0981 FOG FREE RST BRONZE ICON PINLOCK® READY DARK SMOKE 0130-0862 PINLOCK® READY DARK SMOKE FLITESHIELDTM RST PURPLE 0130-0785 FOG FREE RST PURPLE FLITESHIELDTM RST GREEN 0130-0786 FOG FREE RST GREEN ICON PINLOCK® READY LIGHT SMOKE 0130-0861 PINLOCK® READY LIGHT SMOKE FLITESHIELDTM RST BLUE 0130-0784 FOG FREE RST BLUE FLITESHIELDTM YELLOW 0130-0778 FOG FREE YELLOW ICON PINLOCK® READY RST SILVER 0130-0863 PINLOCK® READY RST SILVER PINLOCK® FOG-FREE INSERTS 0130-0857 PINLOCK® CLEAR 0130-0858 PINLOCK® DARK SMOKE 0130-0859 PINLOCK® PROTECTINT™ FLITESHIELDTM RST GOLD 0130-0782 FOG FREE RST GOLD ICON PINLOCK® READY CLEAR 0130-0860 PINLOCK® READY CLEAR 56 // RIDEICON.COM