2022 PC Indian Cat

wife Vanessa loved it and took ownership of it,” Klock said. “Needless to say I needed another.” He decided the next build would be based on an Indian, and went in search of a 2014 Springfield Blue Chieftain Classic. “This is a one-year color scheme and the first year of the Indian launch under Polaris ownership, the bike is a very special find and a big deal for me.” Bike secured, Klock sent the sheet metal out for a stunning paint job by Pete “Hot Dog” Finlan. “He painted many of the West Coast Choppers back in the Long Beach days and is a PPG Refinish certified expert,” Klock said. “I let him have free reign with the colors aside from keeping The 2022 Indian Catalog Bike is a 2014 Indian Chieftain Classic customized by Brian Klock of Klock Werks motorcycles located in Mitchell, South Dakota. “Indian is a brand that has a lot of romance, a lot of history with Indian winning some crazy race or being ridden by someone famous, it is a powerful brand,” Klock said. The bike showcases a favorite custom bike style. “I love the Vicla style of motorcycles, the custom culture style that focuses on big wheels and the pride they show in their bikes,” Klock said. He had built another American V-Twin bike in this style, but … “my ON THE COVER 2022 Indian Chieftain Classic by Brian Klock Paint: Pete “Hot Dog” Finlan Builder: Brian Klock @ Klock Werks 2