2022 Parts Canada Offroad

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 PARTSCANADA.COM 2022 | OFFROAD HANDLEBARS & HAND CONTROLS 130 ROGUE MX GRIPS • Popular Rogue Pattern features large raised pads to absorb vibration and increase comfort • Dual-ply construction provides a soft, tacky outer layer with an inner material for improved bar adhesion • Harder material ends also protect from“grip blowout” • Deep grooved channels make it nearly impossible for mud and dirt to stick • Larger diameter makes it ideal for riders with larger hands and those looking for increased padding and cushion • Available in multiple two-color options • For use with 7/8” bars and twist throttles; sold in pairs • Made in the U.S.A. COLOR PART # Black/​black 0630-1089 (D) Red/​black 0630-1090 Blue/​black 0630-1091 Green/​black 0630-1092 COLOR PART # Fire red/​black 0630-1093 Yellow/​black 0630-1094 Gray/​black 0630-1095 MINI MX GRIPS • Designed specifically for use on 50cc PW, CRF, XR and TTR • Medium-compound material • Reinforced ends protect against grip blowout • Half-waffle design provides a slim grip CUSH DUAL-PLY MX GRIPS • Cush MX Grips include an extra soft, tacky outer material over a tough inner layer to help provide better handlebar adhesion without compromising comfort • Soft, pillowed pads reduce vibration and help to eliminate arm pump • Reinforced ends help prevent grip blowout • For 7/8” bars and use with twist throttles • Sold in pairs • Made in the U.S.A. COLOR PART # Black 0630-0862 Blue/​black 0630-0863 COLOR PART # (E) Gray/​black 0630-0864 Red/​black 0630-0865 • Available in five color options • All ODI grips are 100% compliant with all CPSC regulations • Sold in pairs • Made in the U.S.A. COLOR PART # (F) Black 0630-1097 COLOR PART # (G) Blue 0630-1098 COLOR PART # (H) Red 0630-1099 COLOR PART # (I) Green 0630-1100 COLOR PART # (J) Pink 0630-1101 RUFFIAN MX SINGLE-PLY GRIPS • ODI’s proprietary medium compound material provides comfort without sacrificing durability • Used by top AMA motocross teams such as Motoconcepts,Yamaha and Troy Lee Designs Racing • Available in no-waffle, half-waffle and full-waffle • For 7/8” bars and use with twist throttles • 115mm L grip area; 120mm L with flange • Sold in pairs • Made in the U.S.A. COLOR PART # NO-WAFFLE (A) Black 0630-0866 Gray 0630-0867 Blue 0630-2526 Red 0630-2527 White 0630-2528 HALF-WAFFLE Black 0630-0868 COLOR PART # HALF-WAFFLE (CONT) Blue 0630-0869 Gray 0630-0870 Pink 0630-0873 Red 0630-0874 (B) Gum 0630-2529 Fluorescent green 0630-2530 Fluorescent orange 0630-2531 COLOR PART # HALF-WAFFLE (CONT) Fluorescent yellow 0630-2532 FULL-WAFFLE Black 0630-0876 (C) Gray 0630-0877 Red 0630-2579 White 0630-2580 Blue 0630-2581 A C B D E F G H I J