2022 Parts Canada Snow

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 PARTSCANADA.COM 2022 | SNOW HANDLEBARS & CONTROLS 174 FITS MODEL PART # BETA 125-500 RR/RR-S 12-20 0635-1739 KTM 125-500 14-20 (all) 0635-1738 FITS MODEL PART # SHERCO 125-500 SC/​SCF/SE/​SEF 18-20 0635-1738 YAMAHA YZ250F/​450F 14-20,YZ125/X,YZ250/X,YZ250FX,YZ450FX 15-20 0635-1740 MOTO MOUNT KITS FOR HANDGUARDS • Aluminum moto roost deflector mounting kit fits most modern dirt bikes that have many buttons, switches, etc. on the handlebars, not leaving you much room for mounting anything extra on the handlebars • Mount kit is designed for open-ended moto Roost Deflector and Roost Deflector 2 handguards and mounts to the perch of the clutch and brake levers by replacing the mounting caps • Provides valuable space on the handlebars for controls like kill switches, e-start buttons, holeshot buttons,map switches, light switches and more • Composite deflector arm now has a pocket milled into it allowing the composite arm to have a controlled flex • Newly designed composite arm paired with our new aluminum mount makes this the strongest open-ended deflector on the market • No floppy feeling with these moto roost deflectors • Made in the U.S.A. NOTE: Use Contour 2 Roost Deflectors with these mount kits; sold separately. DESCRIPTION PART # Bushwhackers 0635-1776 BUSHWHACKERS HAND GUARDS ™ • Mount to almost any handlebars with included polyurethane straps • Strap on/​off in seconds • Made from .055 gauge polyurethane plastic • Measure 13.5” (length from end closest to bar clamp to end closest to bar end) x 16” (widest part at end of bars) x 6” (narrowest part nearest center of bar) • Made in the U.S.A. DESCRIPTION PART # White handguards 0635-1554 Blue handguards 0635-1555 DESCRIPTION PART # Black handguards 0635-1556 Orange handguards 0635-1557 DESCRIPTION PART # Red handguards 0635-1558 Green handguards 0635-1559 DESCRIPTION PART # Repl.mount 0635-1560 ROOST 2 HANDGUARDS • Composite materials and front support bar provide a blend of rigidity and controlled flex • Mount directly to the handlebars with a three-position-adjustable deflector for perfect placement side to side • Sold in pairs including our Contour 2 Deflector • Replacement mount available: PART #0635-1560 • Made in the U.S.A. 0635-1739 0635-1740 0635-1554 0635-1555 0635-1556 0635-1557 0635-1558 0635-1559 0635-1560