2022 Parts Canada Snow

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 CHEMICALS & LUBRICANTS PARTSCANADA.COM SNOW | 2022 429 DESCRIPTION PART # Green 3711‑0031 LIQUID ELECTRICAL TAPE • Forms a protective, waterproof and UV-resistant dielectric coating • Prevents corrosion on wires and terminals • Patented and UL ® tested • Fast-drying formula • Cap has convenient brush applicator • 118ml (4 fl. oz.) jar; six per case • Sold each DESCRIPTION PART # 1.89 liter ( 1 / 2 ‑gal.),cs. 81081100 ENGINE ICE HI-PERFORMANCE COOLANT • Ready-to-use premix of coolant and deionized water • Protects from -27°F to 256°F and reduces operating race temperatures by as much as 50° • Biodegradable, phosphate-free and nontoxic • 1.89 liter ( 1 / 2 -gal.) bottle, four per case DESCRIPTION PART # 500ml bottle 142198 DOT 4 BRAKE FLUID • Wet/​dry boiling point of 509°F/​365°F • Recommended to flush brake fluid once a year for recreational riders and more often for race bikes and daily commuters • Available in 500ml bottle DESCRIPTION PART # 170g (6 oz.) net wt.,ea. 3607‑0024 CABLE LUBE • Exclusive formula developed for Motion Pro to provide the smoothest operation and longest cable life • Ideal for use with Motion Pro cable luber • Special blend of Redline ® synthetic lubricants and rust inhibitors keeps your cables working smoothly in any weather condition from hot to cold, wet or dry • Depending on riding conditions, lube your cables between rides or after every other ride • 170g (6 oz.) net wt. can, 6 per case DESCRIPTION PART # 20g (0.71 oz.),ea. 3711‑0035 GRIP GLUE AND MULTI-PURPOSE ADHESIVE • Easy to apply and easy to remove from throttle tube and bars when changing grips • Exceptional bonding to metal, plastic composites, rubber, leather, vinyl, glass and wood • 20g (0.71 oz.) tube is enough for multiple applications DESCRIPTION PART # Grip stay grip adhesive 3711‑0006 GRIP STAY GRIP ADHESIVE • Super-strong grip adhesive is heat resistant up to 250°F • Works on rubber and plastic grips • Works with grip heaters; a must for RSI High-Power Heaters • Easy double bubble pack dispenses equal amounts for a perfect mix ratio • Contains enough adhesive for one pair of grips, even 8” long grips DESCRIPTION PART # Heated grip glue 3711‑0007 HEATED GRIP GLUE • Heat-resistant glue for heated grips • Contains enough adhesive for one pair of grips