2022 Parts Canada Snow

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 CHEMICALS & LUBRICANTS PARTSCANADA.COM SNOW | 2022 431 DESCRIPTION PART # Gift pack SM12000C GIFT PACK • Gift pack includes 1 / 2 liter of S100 Cleaner, Detail + Wax,Total Cycle Finish Restorer, Corrosion Protectant, a sponge and a Super Absorbent Towel • Packaged in a convenient plastic carrying case with form-fitting polystyrene insert to keep products from shifting • Four per case; sold each DESCRIPTION PART # 128g (4.5 oz.) net wt. SM-19200A ENGINE BRIGHTENER • Returns once-black paint, plastic and rubber to a factory-new look • Bonds to a surface as it heats up; will not break down like other protectants • Use on black-painted engine cylinders and cases, cables, rubber hoses, plastic components and many other surfaces • 128g (4.5 oz.) net wt. aerosol can, 12 per case; sold each DESCRIPTION PART # 350ml (11.8 fl.oz. ) net wt. SM13350 SHINE-ENHANCING CLEANSER • Prepares the surface for the ultimate shine prior to waxing • Eliminates water spots, film and small blemishes • Easy on/​off with no residue or powder left behind • 350ml (11.8 fl. oz.) bottle, 12 per case; sold each DESCRIPTION PART # 283g (10 oz.) net wt. SM-18400A DETAIL + WAX • Spray it on and cut through road soil, rain film and other contaminants • Wipe off and it leaves behind a brilliant shine • Combines two natural waxes: beeswax and carnauba for a shine that lasts almost as long as a paste wax • Minimize your cleaning time and wax your machine at the same time • 283g (10 oz.) net wt. aerosol can, 12 per case; sold each DESCRIPTION PART # 175g (7 oz.) net wt. SM-13700W CARNAUBA PASTE WAX • Carnauba-blend wax • As easy to use as a liquid; leaves no chalky, powdery residue • Does not stain or streak rubber, plastics or black engine parts • Leaves a great initial shine that lasts; a simple wipe-down brings the shine back • 175g (7 oz.) container, 12 per case; sold each DESCRIPTION PART # Cleaner w/ sprayer,1 liter bottle SM-12001B Cleaner,100 liter drum 216524 Cleaner starter, 1 / 2 liter bottle SM-12500S Cleaner refill (w/o sprayer),1 liter bottle SM-12001R DESCRIPTION PART # Cleaner refill (w/o sprayer),5 liter bottle SM-12005L Special Performance Wheel Cleaner,500ml bottle SM-15500G Corrosion Protectant,204g (7.2 oz.) net wt.can SM-16300A Total Cycle Finish Restorer,101g (3.56 oz.) net wt. tube SM-17075T CLEANERS • Spray-on/​hose-off system cuts through grease and grime quickly and easily • Can be used safely on all plastic, plated and painted surfaces, and will not strip wax • Special Performance Wheel Cleaner is a spray-on gel formula that effectively removes brake dust (metal particles), road soils and chain lube • Corrosion Protectant ends corrosion and rust worries; simply spray on and rub off to prevent rust and corrosion due to rain, salt air, etc. DESCRIPTION PART # 300ml (10.1 fl.oz. ) net wt. 3704-0050 SPECIAL SURFACES CLEANER • Spray-on cleaner designed specifically for cleaning plastic surfaces • Ideal for helmets, face shields, fairings and windshields • Spray on and wipe off • Anti-streak and low-residue properties • 300ml (10.1 fl. oz.) spray bottle, 12 per case; sold each DESCRIPTION PART # 313g (10.6 oz.) net wt. 3713-0007 POLISHING SOAP • Power of polish in soap form • Brightens aluminum and stainless steel surfaces • Removes minor stains from chrome • Not for use on painted or anodized surfaces • Biodegradable and nontoxic • 313g (10.6 oz.) net wt. jar with sponge applicator, 12 per case; sold each DESCRIPTION PART # Super absorbent towel SM-14800T SUPER ABSORBENT TOWEL • Lint-free, quick absorbing, no-streak drying towel • Dries almost anything including paintwork, poly, chrome and leather • With a handy 6” x 3” plastic pouch, the 14” x 16” towel fits easily into any carrying compartment • Durable,machine-washable, and mildew-resistant • Environmentally friendly, unlike other synthetic cloths • 12 per case; sold each • Finish Restorer brightens aluminum, stainless steel and chrome engine parts and removes minor scratches and oxidation from paint work; also recommended for reviving clouded plastic windscreens • All products 12 per case except Finish Restorer, 15 per case; S100 5 liter refill, two per case and S100 100 liter drum, one per case; sold each SM-12001B SM-12500S SM-12001R SM-15500G SM-17075T SM-16300A SM-12005L