2022 Parts Canada Snow

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 TRANSPORT & TRAILER PARTSCANADA.COM SNOW | 2022 435 EDGE GLIDES FOR TILT TRAILERS • Innovative design provides smooth edge transition from the ground to your trailer • Great for transition from door to deck and for eliminating snow trap between door and deck • Incorporate Caliber’s proven friction-reducing glide technology • Multiple fastening points for strong mounting; integrated edge for easy location fastening • Width accommodates all skis, ski stances and ATV/​UTV tires • High-impact plastic (HDPE) construction and stainless steel hardware for durable performance EDGE GLIDES 2.0 • Increased size allows for more versatility • Integrated traction knobs provide grip for both tires and foot traffic • Cut lines provide clear edges when trimming to fit • Hinge and pin design eliminates stainless hinge to reduce assembly time • Innovative design provides smooth transition from ground to trailer or ramp • Made from high-impact plastic (HDPE) that is guaranteed not to crack, chip, break or wear out GRIPS ™ SNOWMOBILE TRACK GRIP SYSTEM FOR TRAILERS • Grips protect trailer decking from stud damage and deck rot • Excellent traction and braking control while loading or unloading • Extremely durable and manufactured from HDPE plastic • Grips keep the track from freezing to your trailer deck • Provide superior performance as compared to any other grip-type product • Each packaged set consists of six 15”W grips, complete with stainless steel Torx T-20 attaching hardware and mounting instructions • Made in the U.S.A. LOWPRO GRIP GLIDES • Reduce the friction and wear between carbides and trailer surfaces to make loading and unloading easier, safer and more efficient • Low-profile design allows trailers to be used for multiple purposes • Available in three different sizes: 6”, 9” and 11.5” • Best glide option for multi-purpose use; will work for any enclosed trailer door or open/​exposed trailer and deck surfaces • Lower channel depth provides a higher profile for engagement points for increased traction DESCRIPTION PART # Double set (four pieces) 3902-0090 DESCRIPTION PART # Two-piece set 3902-0214 DESCRIPTION PART # Three-piece set 3902-0215 DESCRIPTION PART # Four-piece set 3902-0216 DESCRIPTION PART # Snowmobile track grip system 1706-0010 DESCRIPTION PART # 6”GLIDES Extension set,4-piece 3902-0233 Single set,8-piece 3902-0234 Double set,16-piece 3902-0235 DESCRIPTION PART # 9”GLIDES Extension set,4-piece 3902-0236 Single set,8-piece 3902-0237 Double set,16-piece 3902-0238 DESCRIPTION PART # 11.5”GLIDES Extension set,4-piece 3902-0239 Single set,8-piece 3902-0240 Double set,16-piece 3902-0241 • Additional mounting locations provide increased versatility • Offer a number of ski stance variances based on glide size – 6” up to 10”, 9” up to 15”, 11.5” up to 20” • Will not chip, crack, break or wear out • Made in the U.S.A. • Dimensions: 24”W x 9” L x 1.18” H • Installation is easy with included stainless steel screws and instructions • Made in the U.S.A. • Four-piece set • Dimensions: 8 3 / 4 ”W x 5 3 / 4 ” L x 1 / 2 ”T • Include stainless steel Torx T-20 screws and driver • Made in the U.S.A. 3902-0214