2022 Parts Canada Snow

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 GOGGLES & EYEWEAR PARTSCANADA.COM SNOW | 2022 SEE PAGE 6 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING 91 SPEEDCOUPE • Dual-lens, semi-rimless design for enhanced coverage with unobstructed view • Megol ® rubber-coated nose pads and temple arms offer superior fit and comfort • Enhanced space between lens and face increases airflow and prevents fogging • Temple arm scoops form a secure fit to your head and manage moisture • Wraparound design reduces movement on your face • Air scoops increase ventilation while reducing moisture on the lens FRAME COLOR LENS COLOR PART # SPEEDCRAFT SL (A) Gray/​neon yellow Purple 2610-1141 (B) Banana Black 2610-1299 (C) White Blue 2610-1300 (D) Black Red 2610-1301 SPEEDCRAFT XS (E) Soft tact coral Smoke 2610-1225 FRAME COLOR LENS COLOR PART # SPEEDCOUPE (F) Black Smoke 2610-1105 (G) Black Gray PEAKPOLAR polarized 2610-1106 (H) White HiPER blue mirror 2610-1107 (I) Black HiPER red mirror 2610-1110 (J) Matte metallic Viperidae Bronze mirror 2610-1235 (K) Soft tact stone gray HiPER coral 2610-1236 SPEEDCRAFT SL/XS • Designed with a shorter lens profile and more compact nose bridge • With the exception of the lens air scoops, the SL model maintains the same high-performance features as the Speedcraft • XS models are 15% smaller than SL PERFORMANCE SUNGLASSES continued on next page PERFORMANCE SUNGLASSES (CONT) D C F G H I B A E J K