2023 Parts Canada Bicycle

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2023 PARTSCANADA.COM 2023 | BICYCLE ACCESSORIES 80 BEETLE X BIKE PHONE BAG • Four multi-positional straps for mounting • Straps are extra long, cut to desired length • Fits the largest phones with large cases • Phone is operable and audible while in case • Good size for wallet, energy bar, etc. DESCRIPTION PART # Beetle 5 0603-1066 DESCRIPTION PART # Beetle 6 0603-1067 BEETLE TOP TUBE PHONE CASES • Securely mounts to top tube using two long hook-and-loop straps and a shock cord to wrap around the stem • Will not scratch top tube • Utilize the phone's touchscreen through protective window (fingerprint does not work through window) • Storage compartment under phone for small items such as keys, wallet, sunglasses, energy bars, tools, etc. • Structured side panels keep case sturdy at all times • Reflective logo • Dual zipper • PART #0603-1066 measures 6.5" x 3.25" x 2.75" and fits all 5" smartphones with or without a case (iPhone, 5, SE, 6, 7, 8, 10/X, Samsung Galaxy, Moto G5, Google Pixel 2, etc.) • PART #0603-1067 7.5" x 3.5" x 2.75" and fits all 6" smartphones (or smaller) with or without a case DESCRIPTION PART # X-Grip® phone mount w/ EZ-On/​Off™ bicycle base 0603-0963 Large X-Grip phone mount w/ EZ-On/O​ ff bicycle base 0603-1025 X-GRIP® PHONE MOUNTS WITH EZ-ON/​OFF™ BICYCLE BASE • Made of stainless steel components and high-strength composite • Spring-loaded X design with rubber caps; includes optional tether • X-Grip® is connected to the EZ-On/​Off™ dual-strap bicycle base • Features zip ties for attachment to a variety of handlebar diameters with a minimum of 0.5” in diameter and a maximum of 1.68” in diameter • Compatible with a wide variety of double-socket arms and mounting bases • PART #0603-0963 fits phones ranging from 1.87” to 3.25”wide • PART #0603-1025 fits phones ranging from 1.75” to 4.5”wide 0603-1025 0603-0963 DESCRIPTION PART # Finger-Grip™ w/ EZ-Strap™ rail mount 0603-1026 FINGER-GRIP™ UNIVERSAL HOLDER WITH EZ-STRAP™ RAIL MOUNT • RAM EZ-Strap™ base with double ball short arm, diamond adapter base and universal Finger-Grip™ cradle for cell phones and electronic devices • Strap can be cut to fit tubing, square rails and irregular shapes from 0.5” to 2.58” in diameter • Multiple adjustment points allow you to move the mount to your optimum viewing position • Mount rotates 180° • Cradle comes with three sets of four flexible rubber coated fingers placed along sides to grip device • Fingers open by squeezing the ends of the holder • Bottom of the cradle includes a black plate that adds support to the device being held • Spine plate contains the universal AMPs and 1.5” x 2” hole patterns DESCRIPTION PART # X-Grip® phone mount w/ EZ-Strap™ rail mount 0603-0964 RAM X-GRIP® PHONE MOUNT WITH RAM EZ-STRAP™ RAIL MOUNT • High-strength composite stainless steel • Consists of RAM EZ-Strap™ base, double-ball short arm and universal X-Grip® cradle • Multiple adjustment points allow movement of X-Grip cradle for optimum viewing position • Mount rotates 180° • Compatible with devices .5” to 2.58” in diameter, 1.875” to 3.25”wide and .875”max depth • Includes optional tether and glue tube for rubber caps 0603-1066 DESCRIPTION PART # Garmin black 0636-0193 DESCRIPTION PART # Garmin orange 0636-0194 CONVERT™ (GARMIN PHONE MOUNT TO iOMOUNTS™) • Convert your Garmin mount to iOmounts™ • Convert your existing Garmin bike mount to iOmounts and use your smartphone for training • Swap your Garmin to your smartphone to use with Strava, MTB Project or other great navigation and training apps • The Garmin bike mount has a variety of applications available to it with our iOmount convert • If you are using a Garmin edge mount, our convert allows you to switch out your GPS for your cell phone in the blink of an eye • If you already have a Garmin GoPro mount, use our iOmount convert to interchange your phone and GoPro seamlessly • Indoor version uses our regular magnets and are not as strong as the Outdoor version that uses our nomad™ magnets 0636-0194 0636-0193 DESCRIPTION PART # Beetle X phone bag 0603-1068