2023 Fatbook Canadian Catalogue Drag Specialties

The 2023 Drag Specialties FatBook Bike has been built with one focus: maximum performance. It is very different from previous cover bikes in that it features no concessions for being a street legal ride. It runs on slick tires, has a racetrack-focus engine, race bodywork and is a true escapee from the bagger racing paddock. The bike was designed by Alex Fox, the head of SlyFox Performance. His company has a focus on high-performance racing-engineered products for V-Twin motorcycles. “I had built a few race bikes prior to this project,” Fox said. “And every time I took one to an event and parked it, the bike drew a crowd. I think it is the combination of things - the race bike profile, the slick tires - that draws people in for a look. And with the recent growth of the racing side of this style of bike, the time just seemed right for a build like this ON THE COVER to help promote the company and my brand (SlyFox).” The bike used as the basis of the build is a 2019 Road King. To complete the transformation from stock road bike to race-modified bagger took roughly seven months, Fox said. A racing bike needs a strong motor. “The motor on this bike is built,” Fox said. “It is one of the big parts of the build you unfortunately can’t really see … it is a full-on race motor.” The engine internals have been fully converted to race spec using an S&S big bore kit combined with a Feuling race-series camchest kit, beehive valve spring conversion kit, stainless steel fasteners and rocker shaft kit. In addition, the heads were ported, flowed and polished by master mechanic Matt Virgil. “I want to be sure to give Matt a lot of credit,” Fox said. “He was a huge part of this project.” Another very trick piece on the bike is the exhaust system. Designed with help from Bassani, the system is completely made of titanium. “It is a truly unique piece,” Fox said. “Bassani worked very hard to make this system. It looks like one of their off-the-shelf Builder: Alex Fox Paint: Kris Echert