2023 Fatbook Canadian Catalogue Drag Specialties

WINDSHIELDS & FAIRINGS AUDIO, COMMUNICATION & MOUNTS SADDLEBAGS & LUGGAGE SEATS & SISSY BARS FUEL/AIR SYSTEMS EXHAUST TRANSMISSION & DRIVELINE ENGINE GASKETS & SEALS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL HANDLEBARS, CONTROLS & MIRRORS CABLES TANKS & OIL FILTERS BRAKES DASHES & GAUGES FENDERS & LICENSE PLATE FRAMES HARDWARE, COVERS & GENERAL FRAMES & SUSPENSION FOOTRESTS & FLOORBOARDS WHEELS & AXLES SECTION 1 All part numbers in BLUE are new for 2023. 2023 NEW PRODUCTS NP123 See OLDBOOK For Early Model Applications SAFETY WARNING: WHEN SELECTING CUSTOMWHEELS,THE TIRES USED FOR YOUR APPLICATION MUST HAVE A LOAD INDEX AND SPEED RATING EQUAL TO OR GREATER THAN THE TIRES FITTED AS ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT. CONSULT MANUFACTURER’S PUBLICATION(S) AND/OR WEBSITE(S) FOR COMPLETE TIRE INFORMATION. FORGED BILLET RIMS • All rims are CNC-machined from radial forged 6061-T6 aluminum for maximum road durability and strength-to- weight ratio • Features a rolled rim lip for the custom look and detailed CNC machine work from the center of the hub to the edge of the rim • Rims can be used on both front and/or rear applications when correct hub kit is installed (sold separately) • Rims accept Arlen Ness hub kits (sold separately), which allow full wheels to be assembled in minutes with basic tools DESCRIPTION DRIFT CHROME DRIFT BLACK PROCROSS ALL BLACK KICKBACK BLACK SPEED-5 ALL BLACK FRONT RIMS 19" x 3.25" - - - - 0210-0404 21" x 3.50" 0210-0396 0210-0395 0210-0407 0210-0400 0210-0405 REAR RIMS 18" x 5.50" 0210-0394 0210-0393 0210-0406 0210-0399 0210-0403 ONE-PIECE ALUMINUM WHEELS • These forged wheels place the highest material strength in the same direction as the operating load, creating a light and strong wheel • Feature the contour rim lip for a graceful arc from rim to lip • Made in the U.S.A. • See page 1402 of the 2023 Parts Canada FatBook for more Performance Machine One-Piece Aluminum Wheel options NOTE: Front wheels listed as fitting 14-19 Dresser models will require the use of PM front brake rotors (3.25” bolt circle). NOTE: For matching pulleys and rotors see TRANSMISSION & DRIVELINE and BRAKES sections. NOTE: 14-19 FLHT/​FLHR/​FLHX front wheels include fender relocation brackets for use with stock front fenders. NOTE: 09-13 FLHT/​FLHR/​FLHX/​FLTR front applications require the use of the OEM spacers. DESCRIPTION SIERRA FRONT WHEELS 21" X 3.5" FOR 14-21 FLHT/​FLHR/​FLHX/​FLTRX/​FLTRU/​FLTRK w/ ABS (dual disc) 0201-2383 21" X 3.5" FOR 14-21 FLHT/​FLHR/​FLHX/​FLTRX/​FLTRU/​FLTRK w/o ABS (dual disc) 0201-2382 REAR WHEELS 18" x 5.5" for 09-21 FLHT/​FLHR/​FLHX/​FLTRX/​FLTRU/​FLTRK w/ ABS 0202-2176 18" x 5.5" for 09-21 FLHT/​FLHR/​FLHX/​FLTRX/​FLTRU/​FLTRK w/o ABS 0202-2175 • Structurally tested to meet or exceed DOT, JAS and TUV international load ratings • Please see page 1401 of the 2023 Canada FatBook for the entire line of Arlen Ness Forged Billet Rims NOTE: Arlen Ness hub kits must be purchased separately to install. Please see page 1401 of the 2023 Canada FatBook for required hub kits. 0210-0395 0210-0396 0210-0400 0210-0403 0210-0407