2023 Fatbook Canadian Catalogue Drag Specialties

WINDSHIELDS & FAIRINGS AUDIO, COMMUNICATION & MOUNTS SADDLEBAGS & LUGGAGE SEATS & SISSY BARS FUEL/AIR SYSTEMS EXHAUST TRANSMISSION & DRIVELINE ENGINE GASKETS & SEALS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL HANDLEBARS, CONTROLS & MIRRORS CABLES TANKS & OIL FILTERS BRAKES DASHES & GAUGES FENDERS & LICENSE PLATE FRAMES HARDWARE, COVERS & GENERAL FRAMES & SUSPENSION FOOTRESTS & FLOORBOARDS WHEELS & AXLES SECTION 1 All part numbers in BLUE are new for 2023. 2023 NEW PRODUCTS NP63 See OLDBOOK For Early Model Applications DISCLAIMER: SEE PAGE 7 FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING CERTAIN WARRANTY AND EMISSION CONTROL REGULATION COMPLIANCE AND NOISE REGULATION INFORMATION. 0926-3343 FOR 17-22 M-EIGHT PART # HEAD DIA. STEM DIA. TULIP INTAKE 0926-3343 1.614" .2347" 15° 0926-3344 1.654" .2347" 15° EXHAUST 0926-3345 1.299" HD .2342" 20° 0926-3346 1.339" HD .2342" 20° WHITE DIAMOND INCONEL VALVE KITS • CNC-machined valve is made from one-piece forging of EV8 stainless steel • 360° anode is used to produce the highest grade hard chrome finish • Excellent flow characteristics • Sold each • Made in the U.S.A. ROCKER VALVE SHIM CONVERSION KIT WITH BEEHIVE VALVE SPRINGS • Conversion kit uses Kibblewhite beehive springs combined with a lightweight valve spring retainer that houses a standard 9.5 mm hardened steel shim • Rocker arm rides directly on the 9.5mm shim surface, allowing for a significantly greater rocker arm swipe surface area • Increased rocker arm surface contact area allows the ability to run higher lift cams than previously could not be used with valves having a 6mm valve stem • Rocker shim thickness can be varied by changing shim size to adjust the effect valve stem protrusion height PART # DESCRIPTION FOR 17-22 M-EIGHT 0926-3418 .625" lift (seat pressure 85 lb.) (Titanium retainer) PART # DESCRIPTION FOR 17-22 M-EIGHT (CONT) 0926-3419 .625" lift (seat pressure 85 lb.) (Steel retainer) • Increase in valve stem protrusion height with this kit is approximately 0.100" • Progressively wound springs using Kobe super-clean, chrome silicon-based wire that is heat-treated and shot peened • Made in the U.S.A. NOTE: To maximize shim contact in the retainer, Kibblewhite strongly recommends tipping (shortening the valve tip). NOTE: Kibblewhite strongly recommends the use of titanium valves with these kits. 0926-3418