2023 Parts Canada Helmet & Apparel

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2023 HELMET ACCESSORIES PARTSCANADA.COM HELMET & APPAREL | 2023 SEE PAGE 7 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING 173 DESCRIPTION PART # Cirolux electric shield power cord 490236 Upper power cord for electric shield 904988 Universal power cord clip 904831 Helmet service pad 0136-0046 Face covers 2503-0406 UNIVERSAL ACCESSORIES YOUTH HELMET SHIELDS DESCRIPTION COLOR PART # CL-Y (SHIELD MODEL #HJ-05) Shield (anti-fog) Clear 0130-0628 Shield Dark smoke 490301 Cirolux electric shield (power cord included) Clear 490257 PINLOCK INSERT LENS FOR HJC HELMETS • Two different performance levels • Enhanced with fog-resistant properties that increase the fog-free endurance of the lens • Includes a slit to keep the insert lens steady and tight between the face shield and pin • The silicone seal creates a double shield system between the helmet face shield and Pinlock insert lens • Features a dry hydrophilic technology membrane surface that absorbs moisture • For HJC shields, see pages 165-173 B A C COLOR PART # PINLOCK 70 RPHA 10 Clear 0130-0843 CL-17/​C91/CL-MAX2/CL-MAX3/CS-R3/IS-MAX2 (A) Clear 0130-0844 Dark smoke 0130-0845 Photochromatic 0130-0846 RPHA MAX Clear 0130-0847 DS-X1/​RPHA 10 PRO Clear 0130-0848 Dark smoke 0130-0849 (B) Photochromatic 0130-0850 FG-17/IS-17/​RPHA ST/​C70 Clear 0130-0851 COLOR PART # PINLOCK 70 (CONT) i70/​i10 Clear 0130-0856 F70 Clear 0130-0903 Dark Smoke 0130-0904 i90 Clear 0130-0913 PINLOCK 120 RPHA 11 PRO/​CARBON, RPHA 70ST/​CARBON Clear 0130-0852 (C) Dark smoke 0130-0853 Photochromatic 0130-0854 RPHA 90/​RPHA 90S/​RPHA 90 CARBON Clear 0130-0855 HJC HELMET ACCESSORIES (CONT) YOUTH HELMET PARTS AND ACCESSORIES (CONT) DESCRIPTION COLOR PART # CL-Y (CONT) Gear plate kit Black 0133-1136 Rear vent Black 0133-1134 DESCRIPTION COLOR PART # CL-Y (CONT) Top vent Black 0133-1133