2023 Parts Canada Helmet & Apparel

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2023 HELMET ACCESSORIES PARTSCANADA.COM HELMET & APPAREL | 2023 SEE PAGE 7 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING 175 UNIVERSAL THREE-SNAP SHIELDS/​VISORS • A quick and easy way to add wind protection to most helmets with three-snap visors • Shield/​visor combo completely replaces existing visor • Ratcheting shield • Works with Z1R Drifter, Jimmy and most other open-face helmets THREE-SNAP BUBBLE SHIELDS • Injection-molded polycarbonate construction • Designed to fit most helmets with a three-snap visor configuration • Stationary shield (does not flip up) FLIP UP THREE-SNAP BUBBLE SHIELDS • Injection-molded polycarbonate construction • Fits stock three-snap visor configuration on Z1R Jimmy and Drifter helmets • Will fit most other three-snap visor helmets • Built-in side pivots so you can snap on the shield, then flip it up THREE-SNAP BUBBLE VISOR • Shatterproof visor fits most three-snap helmets • Available in smoke COLOR PART # (A) Clear 0131-0062 COLOR PART # (B) Smoke 0131-0063 DESCRIPTION PART # (C) Clear 0130-0666 DESCRIPTION PART # (D) Smoke 0130-0667 DESCRIPTION PART # (E) Amber 0130-0668 DESCRIPTION PART # (F) Mirror 0130-0669 DESCRIPTION PART # (G) Clear 0130-0749 DESCRIPTION PART # (H) Smoke 0130-0750 DESCRIPTION PART # (I) Amber 0130-0751 DESCRIPTION PART # (J) Mirror 0130-0752 DESCRIPTION PART # Three-snap bubble visor ZR-201 B A C E D F G I H J