2023 Parts Canada Helmet & Apparel

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2023 SEE PAGE 7 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING PARTSCANADA.COM 2023 | HELMET & APPAREL HELMET ACCESSORIES 176 HELMET’OUT CLEANER • Cleaner for the outside of your helmet • Can be used on both matte and gloss finishes • Spray on the helmet, then wipe with a soft, clean cloth • Spray leaves a hard-wearing protective film on helmet • 100ml bottle, 12 per case HELMET MAINTENANCE PACK • Motorcycle helmet cleaning kit • Includes one 150ml aerosol can of Helmet’In, one 100ml bottle of Helmet’Out, one 100ml bottle of Visor Rainoff and one microfiber cloth SPECIAL SURFACES CLEANER • Spray-on cleaner designed specifically for cleaning plastic surfaces • Ideal for helmets, face shields, fairings and windshields • Spray on and wipe off • Anti-streak and low-residue properties • 300ml (10.1 fl. oz.) spray bottle, 12 per case; sold each HELMET’IN CLEANER • Used to remove buildup of dirt, sweat and dust from the inside of the helmet • Spray the mousse and allow to act for 1 hour • Wipe with a cloth if necessary and helmet is clean and fresh • 150ml aerosol can, 12 per case PLASTIX CLEANER • Water-based formula cleans, polishes and protects without harsh chemicals • For use on all plastics, acrylics, Lexan®, Plexiglas®, fiberglass and composites • Safe to use on all painted surfaces and finished metals • Non-scratching, anti-static, anti-fog, water-repellent • Powerful foaming action lifts out contaminants • Includes premium polishing cloth • Available in a 454g (16 oz.) can PLEXUS® PLASTIC CLEANER • Protects and polishes all clear and colored plastics, as well as most painted surfaces • Highly effective at cleaning and polishing lenses and shields • Originally developed for aviation applications and now available to the consumer • Plexus envelops dirt and dust particles, then lifts them from the surface to avoid scratching while wiping the contaminants away • Protects by actually sealing the pores of the plastic, thus repelling dust and protecting against dirt, grime, oil and UV fading • Removes oil, dirt, bugs, sticker adhesive, exhaust stains, grease and fuel, and tire marks • Available in 198g (7 oz.) net wt. bottle and 368g (13 oz.) net wt. bottle; 198g (7 oz.) bottle sold each; 368g (13 oz.) bottle only available in case of 12 DESCRIPTION PART # 100ml, cs. 3706-0077 DESCRIPTION PART # Helmet maintenance pack 3706-0082 DESCRIPTION PART # 300ml (10.1 fl. oz.), (ea.) 3704-0050 DESCRIPTION PART # 150ml, cs. 3706-0078 DESCRIPTION PART # 454g (16 oz.), ea. 3713-0096 DESCRIPTION PART # 198g (7 oz.) net wt., ea. 20207 DESCRIPTION PART # 368g (13 oz.) net wt., cs. 20214X