2023 Tire & Service Parts Canada Drag Specialties

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2023 PARTSCANADA.COM 2023 | TIRE & SERVICE CHEMICALS & LUBRICANTS 504 DESCRIPTION PART # 2.2 liter, ea. 3705-0022 ICEFLOW ENGINE COOLANT • Focusing on protection and performance, IceFlow Coolant increases heat dissipation to prevent overheating • Ready to use with demineralized water, no need to dilute • Monopropylene glycol-based • Reduces and maintains optimal operating temperatures • Freezing point protection down to -14°F/-26°C • Long-lasting protection of all metals and seals • Cutting-edge nanotech and organic additive technology • Silicate-free, biodegradable and nontoxic • Ideal for all liquid-cooled systems • 2.2 liter bottle DESCRIPTION PART # Bio System 3610-0019 TWIN AIR BIO SYSTEM • Full filter care solution • Kit comes with everything needed to clean Twin Air air filters in a sturdy storage box complete with carrying handles • Each includes a Twin Air cleaning tub, oiling tub, BIO Dirt Remover (1 liter), BIO Liquid Power Filter Oil (1 liter), contact cleaner and rubber gloves • Cleaning tub is resealable and comes with a filter tray that allows dirt to sink to the bottom, away from filters • Oiling tub allows filters to be submerged for easy, even oiling • When not in use, the oiling tub is resealable, enabling users to save unused filter oil DESCRIPTION PART # Twin Air System maintenance kit 159000 TWIN AIR SYSTEM MAINTENANCE KIT • Keeps Twin Air filters in top condition • Includes exclusive Liquid Power filter oil (1 liter) and Dirt Remover filter cleaner (4 liter), plus a cleaning tub (with cage), oiling tub, contact cleaner and gloves DESCRIPTION PART # BIO Dirt Remover, 1 liter, ea. 159004 BIO Power filter oil, 500ml, ea. 3610-0015 DESCRIPTION PART # Liquid BIO Power filter oil, 1 liter, ea. 159017 TWIN AIR BIODEGRADABLE FILTER CARE PRODUCTS • Keep your foam filter in like-new condition • BIO Liquid Power filter oil was developed and produced by Texaco exclusively for Twin Air; exceeds the strictest standards on biodegradability by 16%; starts thin for deep, even penetration and dries to an even-coating, high-tack shield that traps dirt, dust and grit • BIO Dirt Remover cleans Liquid Bio Power oil by using granular detergents instead of solvents; water-soluble cleaner can go right down the drain without clogging the drain or harming the environment; will not harden or damage filter foam DESCRIPTION PART # Filter oil, 1-liter can, ea. 22510 DESCRIPTION PART # Filter oil, 500ml spray, ea. 3610-0014 DESCRIPTION PART # Oiling tub 22999 LIQUID POWER FILTER OIL AND OILING TUB • Liquid Power air filter oil can be used on all types of foam air filters • Allows maximum breathing without allowing harmful dirt to penetrate the filter • Oiling tub lets you submerge the air filter in the oil for even oiling, then wring out excess oil back into tub • One liter can or 500ml spray DESCRIPTION PART # Cleaner, 500 ml can, ea. 3704-0048 DESCRIPTION PART # Cleaner, 4-liter can, ea. 22514 DESCRIPTION PART # Cleaning tub, ea. 22998 LIQUID DIRT REMOVER AND CLEANING TUB • Liquid Dirt Remover quickly dissolves dirt and grease from filters, without hardening or damaging the air filter like solvents and gasoline • Resealable cleaning tub for cleaning air filters features a filter tray that lets dirt sink to the bottom • Available in 4-liter cans, four per case or 500 ml spray, 12 per case DESCRIPTION PART # 500ml, ea. 3704-0102 CONTACT CLEANER • High-quality contact cleaner • 500ml aerosol can • Recommended for all foam filters • BIO Dirt Remover in 1 liter bottle, BIO Liquid Power filter oil in 1 liter can or 500ml spray can 159004 159017 3610-0015 22510 3610-0014 22999 22998 22514