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BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2023 PARTSCANADA.COM 2023 | TIRE & SERVICE 2023 NEW PRODUCTS NP23 TIRE FAILURE HAZARD,WHICH IF NOT AVOIDED, COULD RESULT IN DEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY. SEE PAGE 7 FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING PRODUCT USE. WARNING TIRES THAT ARE DESIGNATED AS NOT FOR HIGHWAY SERVICE (NHS) MUST NOT BE USED IN HIGHWAY SERVICE. USING NHS TIRES IN HIGHWAY SERVICE MAY RESULT IN TIRE FAILURE CAUSING AN ACCIDENT RESULTING IN SERIOUS PERSNAL INJURY OR DEATH. WARNING HIGHLIFTER TIRES AND WHEELS • Since 1996, High Lifter Products Inc. has created various accessories for their variety of wheels and tires • High Lifter created the "High Lifter Pro Series Racing" professional ATV mud racing points system, which helped to revolutionize ATV Mud Racing as a sport • All wheels include factory installed valve stems • Designed in a variety of different sizes with durable, but unique designs HL21 Gloss Black Machined HL21 Gloss Black HL22 Gloss Black Machined HL22 Gloss Black HL22 Matte Gunmetal Gray Machined HL23 Matte Black HL23 Matte Gunmetal Gray See page NP24 See page NP24 See page NP25 See page NP25 See page NP25 See page NP26 See page NP26