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BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2023 PARTSCANADA.COM 2023 | TIRE & SERVICE 2023 NEW PRODUCTS NP3 STREET TIRE SIZE APPLICATION GUIDE • The following guide shows all available tires for Street Bike, Sport Bike, Scooter, Moped and Sidecars.Tires in this guide are listed in order, sorted by rim diameter (small to large), overall section width/a​ spect ratio,market application and front and/or rear applications. Simply find the size, front or rear and market application of tire for your vehicle. THE SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS CORRESPOND TO THE FOLLOWING CODES: CRS/​TOUR – Cruiser bike/​touring bike DUALSPORT – Dual sport/​adventure touring CUSTOM – Cruiser/c​ ustom bikes GEN – Commuting/​general all-purpose street tire MEDIUM – Medium race compound MOPED – Moped MOTARD – SuperMotard tire for street/​track OEM – OE replacement tire as suggested by the manufacturer RACE – High-performance track/s​ treet SCOOTER – Scooter SIDECAR – General-purpose sidecar SOFT – Soft race compound SPORT – Sport riding/​performance tire SPRTNG – Sport-touring SPRSPRT – Sport riding/t​rack day tire SUPERSOFT – Softest race compound WS – White stripe sidewall WWW – Wide white wall NOTE: The information provided here is not warranted as to the truth or accuracy by Parts Canada or its parent company, LeMans Corporation. The information is collected from the tire manufacturer and published for your reference.Any additional information or questions regarding this information or questions about the fitment and maintenance of the tires should be obtained from the tire manufacturers. TIRE FAILURE HAZARD,WHICH IF NOT AVOIDED, COULD RESULT IN DEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY. SEE PAGE NP2 FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING PRODUCT USE. WARNING BRAND PART # MODEL SIZE F/R APPLICATION PAGE # 17" MICHELIN 0340-1318 CITY EXTRA 2.75-17 F/R SCOOTER NP9 PIRELLI 0301-0950 DIABLO ROSSO IV 110/​70R17 F SPORT NP10 PIRELLI 0301-0951 DIABLO ROSSO IV 110/​70ZR17 F SPORT NP10 PIRELLI 0301-0953 DIABLO ROSSO IV CORSA 110/​70ZR17 F SPRSPRT NP10 PIRELLI 0301-0952 DIABLO ROSSO IV 120/​60ZR17 F SPORT NP10 AVON 0301-0964 3D SUPERSPORT 120/​70ZR17 F STREET NP11 CONTINENTAL 0301-0938 ROAD ATTACK 4 120/​70ZR17 F SPRTNG NP11 PIRELLI 0301-0954 DIABLO ROSSO IV CORSA 120/​70ZR17 F SPRSPRT NP10 MICHELIN 0305-0913 COMMANDER® III 130/​80B17 F CRS/​TOUR NP9, NP12 METZELER 0305-0843 CRUISETEC 130/​70B17 F CRS/​TOUR NP7, NP12 METZELER 0305-0842 CRUISETEC 130/​80B17 F CRS/​TOUR NP7, NP12 METZELER 0317-0724 TOURANCE NEXT 2 130/​80R17 R DUALSPORT NP7 METZELER 0317-0730 KAROO 4 130/​80R17 R DUALSPORT NP8 PIRELLI 0302-1648 DIABLO ROSSO IV 140/​70ZR17 R SPORT NP10 METZELER 0317-0725 TOURANCE NEXT 2 140/​80R17 R DUALSPORT NP7 METZELER 0317-0731 KAROO 4 140/​80R17 R DUALSPORT NP8 PIRELLI 0302-1650 DIABLO ROSSO IV 150/​60ZR17 R SPORT NP10 PIRELLI 0302-1652 DIABLO ROSSO IV CORSA 150/​60ZR17 R SPRSPRT NP10 METZELER 0302-1668 ROADTEC 01 SE 150/​70R17 F SPORT NP6 METZELER 0317-0625 TOURANCE NEXT 2 150/​70R17 R DUALSPORT NP7 METZELER 0317-0722 KAROO EXTREME 150/​70R17 R DUALSPORT NP8 METZELER 0317-0732 KAROO 4 150/​70R17 R DUALSPORT NP8 AVON 0302-1677 3D SUPERSPORT 160/​60ZR17 R SPORT NP11 CONTINENTAL 0302-1616 ROAD ATTACK 4 160/​60ZR17 R SPRTNG NP11 METZELER 0317-0626 TOURANCE NEXT 2 170/​60R17 R DUALSPORT NP7 METZELER 0317-0734 KAROO 4 170/​60R17 R DUALSPORT NP8 METZELER 0302-1669 ROADTEC 01 SE 170/​60ZR17 R SPORT NP6 METZELER 0317-0627 TOURANCE NEXT 2 170/​60ZR17 R DUALSPORT NP7 AVON 0302-1678 3D SUPERSPORT 180/​55ZR17 R SPORT NP11 CONTINENTAL 0302-1617 ROAD ATTACK 4 180/​55ZR17 R SPRTNG NP11 PIRELLI 0302-1653 DIABLO ROSSO IV CORSA 180/​55ZR17 R SPRSPRT NP10 PIRELLI 0302-1566 SCORPION TRAIL II 180/​60R17 R DUALSPORT NP10 AVON 0302-1681 3D SUPERSPORT 180/​60ZR17 R SPORT NP11 PIRELLI 0302-1633 DIABLO ROSSO IV 180/​60ZR17 R SPORT NP10 PIRELLI 0302-1654 DIABLO ROSSO IV CORSA 180/​60ZR17 R SPRSPRT NP10 CONTINENTAL 0302-1618 ROAD ATTACK 4 190/​50ZR17 R SPRTNG NP11 BRAND PART # MODEL SIZE F/R APPLICATION PAGE # 17” (CONT) PIRELLI 0302-1651 DIABLO ROSSO IV 190/​50ZR17 R SPORT NP10 PIRELLI 0302-1655 DIABLO ROSSO IV CORSA 190/​50ZR17 R SPRSPRT NP10 AVON 0302-1679 3D SUPERSPORT 190/​55ZR17 R SPORT NP11 CONTINENTAL 0302-1619 ROAD ATTACK 4 190/​55ZR17 R SPRTNG NP11 PIRELLI 0302-1656 DIABLO ROSSO IV CORSA 190/​55ZR17 R SPRSPRT NP10 AVON 0302-1680 3D SUPERSPORT 200/​55ZR17 R SPORT NP11 PIRELLI 0302-1657 DIABLO ROSSO IV CORSA 200/​55ZR17 R SPRSPRT NP10 PIRELLI 0302-1658 DIABLO ROSSO IV CORSA 200/​60ZR17 R SPRSPRT NP10 18" MICHELIN 0305-0918 ROAD CLASSIC 100/90-18 F CRS/​TOUR NP9, NP12 BRIDGESTONE 0305-0911 BATTLAX BT46 110/80-18 F SPRTNG NP11 BRIDGESTONE 0306-0878 BATTLAX BT46 140/70-18 R SPRTNG NP11 METZELER 0317-0749 KAROO 4 140/80-18 R DUALSPORT NP8 METZELER 0317-0628 TOURANCE NEXT 2 150/​70R18 R DUALSPORT NP7 METZELER 0317-0733 KAROO 4 150/​70R18 R DUALSPORT NP8 METZELER 0317-0735 KAROO STREET 150/​70R18 R DUALSPORT NP8 19" METZELER 0316-0554 TOURANCE NEXT 2 100/90-19 F DUALSPORT NP7 METZLER 0316-0576 KAROO 4 100/90-19 F DUALSPORT NP8 METZELER 0301-0958 ROADTEC 01 SE 110/​80R19 F SPORT NP6 METZELER 0316-0488 TOURANCE NEXT 2 110/​80R19 F DUALSPORT NP7 METZELER 0316-0560 KAROO 4 110/​80R19 F DUALSPORT NP8 METZELER 0316-0489 TOURANCE NEXT 2 120/​70R19 F DUALSPORT NP7 METZELER 0316-0561 KAROO 4 120/​70R19 F DUALSPORT NP8 METZELER 0316-0564 KAROO STREET 120/​70R19 F DUALSPORT NP8 METZELER 0301-0959 ROADTEC 01 SE 120/​70ZR19 F SPORT NP6 METZELER 0316-0490 TOURANCE NEXT 2 120/​70ZR19 F DUALSPORT NP7 METZELER 0316-0558 SPORTEC M9 RR 120/​70ZR19 F SPORT NP6 METZELER 0317-0727 SPORTEC M9 RR 120/​70ZR19 R SPORT NP6 MICHELIN 0305-0912 COMMANDER® III 130/​60B19 F CRS/​TOUR NP9, NP12 21" METZELER 0316-0491 TOURANCE NEXT 2 90/90-21 F DUALSPORT NP7 METZELER 0316-0562 KAROO 4 90/90-21 F DUALSPORT NP8 METZELER 0316-0563 KAROO EXTREME 90/90-21 F DUALSPORT NP8 METZELER 0316-0565 KAROO STREET 90/90-21 F DUALSPORT NP8