2023 Tire & Service Parts Canada Drag Specialties

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2023 PARTSCANADA.COM 2023 | TIRE & SERVICE 2023 NEW PRODUCTS WHITE GREASE • Lithium-based white lubricant grease especially for bicycles • Has outstanding wear-reducing properties and remains malleable at cold temperatures • Ideal for slide bearings and cranksets • Suited perfectly for wheel, bottom bracket and contact roller bearings • Excellent for pedal and roller bearings DESCRIPTION PART # 100g (3.5 oz.), ea. 3607-0054 MOTO SHINE MS1 • Restore the factory shine to plastic, vinyl, carbon fiber, fiberglass, rubber and paint • Designed for the detailing touch after cleaning • High-gloss formulation protects and enhances fairings, plastics sets, dashboards and framework • Provides a durable coating that repels mud and water when sprayed on a surface and left “wet” or leaves an additional anti-static film when allowed to “setup” then buffed to a long-lasting sheen • Safe on all surface finishes • Anti-static, dust repelling sheen • Easy cleanup,mud releasing and protective film • Fresh, scented formulation • Available 500ml aerosol cans; 12 per case DESCRIPTION PART # 500ml, cs. 3713-0103 DESCRIPTION PART # 420g (15 oz) bottle, ea. 803515 CHAIN WAX • A revolutionary clear and dry chain wax technology that will keep chain and sprockets clean • Utilizes a proprietary two-stage chemical and electrical charge process joining nano-synthetics with a PTFE infusion, virtually eliminating chain and sprocket wear • Available in a 420g (15 oz.) bottle INTERIOR FRESH • Removes odor of sweat and other smells from helmet interior • Has no odor • Can be used on leather or textile fabrics • Does not contain alcohol • Bio-degradable • 100 ml spray DESCRIPTION PART # 100 ml, ea. 3704-0395 VISOR CLEAR CLEANING CLOTHS • Removes insect residue and road contamination from your helmet visor without scratching • Each packet contains two cloths, one wet and one dry • Use the wet cloth to soften and remove residue from the visor, then wipe with the drying cloth to avoid streaks and reflections • Biodegradable, does not contain alcohol • Easy to pack, easy to use • Each box contains eight wet/​dry cleaning sets DESCRIPTION PART # Visor Clear cloths (8-pk.) 3706-0098 • Reliable corrosion and wear protection • Very stable lubricating film • Perfect application with integrated brush • 100g (3.5 oz.) NP35