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BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2023 PARTSCANADA.COM 2023 | TIRE & SERVICE 2023 NEW PRODUCTS NP5 BRAND PART # MODEL SIZE POS STYLE PAGE # 19” (CONT) DUNLOP 0313-0971 GEOMAX MX14 100/90-19 R MOTOCROSS NP13 METZELER 0313-0879 MC360 MIDHARD 100/90-19 R MOTOCROSS NP13 METZELER 0313-0882 MC360 MIDSOFT 100/90-19 R MOTOCROSS NP13 BRIDGESTONE 0316-0567 BATTLAX ADVENTURE TRAIL AT41 110/​80R19 F DUALSPORT NP16 PIRELLI 0316-0574 SCORPION RALLY 110/​80R19 F DUALSPORT NP15 BRIDGESTONE 0313-0953 BATTLECROSS X31 110/90-19 R MOTOCROSS NP16 DUNLOP 0313-0972 GEOMAX MX14 110/90-19 R MOTOCROSS NP13 METZELER 0313-0880 MC360 MIDHARD 110/90-19 R MOTOCROSS NP13 METZELER 0313-0883 MC360 MIDSOFT 110/90-19 R MOTOCROSS NP13 PIRELLI 0313-0645 SCORPION MX32 SOFT 110/90-19 R MOTOCROSS NP14 BRIDGESTONE 0316-0568 BATTLAX ADVENTURE TRAIL AT41 120/​70R19 F DUALSPORT NP16 BRIDGESTONE 0313-0954 BATTLECROSS X31 120/80-19 R MOTOCROSS NP16 DUNLOP 0313-0973 GEOMAX MX14 120/80-19 R MOTOCROSS NP13 METZELER 0313-0881 MC360 MIDHARD 120/80-19 R MOTOCROSS NP13 METZELER 0313-0884 MC360 MIDSOFT 120/80-19 R MOTOCROSS NP13 PIRELLI 0313-0950 SCORPION MXEXTRA-X 120/90-19 R MOTOCROSS NP15 21" BRIDGESTONE 0312-0496 BATTLECROSS X31 80/​100-21 F MOTOCROSS NP16 METZELER 0312-0464 MC360 MIDHARD 80/​100-21 F MOTOCROSS NP13 METZELER 0312-0465 MC360 MIDSOFT 80/​100-21 F MOTOCROSS NP13 PIRELLI 0312-0491 SCORPION RALLY 90/​90R21 F DUALSPORT NP15 PIRELLI 0312-0492 SCORPION RALLY 90/​90R21 F DUALSPORT NP15 PIRELLI 0316-0500 SCORPION RALLY 90/​90R21 F DUALSPORT NP15 BRIDGESTONE 0317-0744 BATTLAX ADVENTURE TRAIL AT41 90/90-21 F DUALSPORT NP16 BRIDGESTONE 0312-0497 BATTLECROSS X31 90/​100-21 F MOTOCROSS NP16 PIRELLI 0312-0467 SCORPION MX32 MID HARD 90/​100-21 F MOTOCROSS NP14 PIRELLI 0312-0495 SCORPION MX32 MS 90/​100-21 F MOTOCROSS NP14 OFFROAD TIRE SIZE APPLICATION GUIDE (CONT) ATV/​UTV TIRE SIZE APPLICATION GUIDE • The following size guide shows all the options available when re-ordering ATV/​UTV tires. Simply match the size of the tire you are replacing, find it in the chart and choose from all the options listed. THE “STYLE”COLUMN CORRESPONDS WITH THE FOLLOWING: AGRSV – Aggressive mud and snow conditions INT – Intermediate mud and snow conditions ASPH – Hard-surface use KNOB – Standard knobby style OEM – Original equipment manufacturer replacement SPORT – Sport performance SAND – Sand use only TURF – Turf applications NOTE: The information provided here is not warranted as to the truth or accuracy by Parts Canada or its parent company, LeMans Corporation.The information is collected from the tire manufacturer and published for your reference.Any additional information or questions regarding this information or questions about the fitment and maintenance of the tires should be obtained from the tire manufacturers. SIZE BRAND NAME PART # MODEL STYLE PAGE # 35x10R15 ITP 0320-1314 VERSA CROSS V3 SPORT NP20 34x10R15 AMS 0320-1265 M2 EVIL INT NP19 33x9.5R15 HIGHLIFTER 0320-1262 CHICANE DS KNOB NP17 33x10R15 HIGHLIFTER 0320-1258 ROCTANE T4 KNOB NP18 32x10R14 AMS 0320-1216 BLACKTAIL AGRSV NP19 32x10R14 HIGHLIFTER 0320-1316 OUTLAW MAX AGRSV NP17 32x10R14 HIGHLIFTER 0320-1255 ROCTANE T4 KNOB NP18 32x10R14 ITP 0320-1312 VERSA CROSS V3 SPORT NP20 32x10-15 ITP 0320-1304 MT911 AGRSV NP21 32x10R15 AMS 0320-0939 M1 EVIL AGRSV NP19 32x10R15 AMS 0320-1204 M2 EVIL INT NP19 32x10R15 HIGHLIFTER 0320-1261 CHICANE DS KNOB NP17 32x10R15 HIGHLIFTER 0320-1327 OUTLAW MAX AGRSV NP17 32x10R15 HIGHLIFTER 0320-1257 ROCTANE T4 KNOB NP18 32x10R15 ITP 0320-1313 VERSA CROSS V3 SPORT NP20 31x10R15 MAXXIS 0320-1309 ML1 CARNIVORE INT NP21 30x10R14 AMS 0320-1215 BLACKTAIL AGRSV NP19 30x10R14 HIGHLIFTER 0320-1260 CHICANE DS KNOB NP17 30x10R14 HIGHLIFTER 0320-1254 ROCTANE T4 KNOB NP18 30x10R14 HIGHLIFTER 0320-1326 OUTLAW MAX AGRSV NP17 30x10R14 HIGHLIFTER 0320-1247 X COMP UTV KNOB NP18 SIZE BRAND NAME PART # MODEL STYLE PAGE # 30x10R14 ITP 0320-1310 VERSA CROSS V3 SPORT NP20 30x10R15 AMS 0320-0938 M1 EVIL AGRSV NP19 30x10R15 AMS 0320-1203 M2 EVIL INT NP19 30x10R15 HIGHLIFTER 0320-1256 ROCTANE T4 KNOB NP18 30x10R15 ITP 0320-1235 TENACITY XNR ASPH NP20 30x10R15 ITP 0320-1305 TERRA HOOK INT NP21 30x10R15 ITP 0320-1311 VERSA CROSS V3 SPORT NP20 28x10R14 AMS 0320-1214 BLACKTAIL AGRSV NP19 28x10R14 HIGHLIFTER 0320-1315 OUTLAW MAX AGRSV NP17 28x10R14 HIGHLIFTER 0320-1246 X COMP UTV KNOB NP18 28x11R14 HIGHLIFTER 0320-1253 ROCTANE T4 KNOB NP18 27x9R12 AMS 0320-1210 BLACKTAIL AGRSV NP19 27x11R12 AMS 0320-1211 BLACKTAIL AGRSV NP19 27x9R14 AMS 0320-1212 BLACKTAIL AGRSV NP19 27x9R14 HIGHLIFTER 0320-1251 ROCTANE T4 KNOB NP18 27x11R14 AMS 0320-1213 BLACKTAIL AGRSV NP19 27x11R14 HIGHLIFTER 0320-1252 ROCTANE T4 KNOB NP18 26x9R12 AMS 0320-1209 BLACKTAIL AGRSV NP19 26x11R12 AMS 0320-1217 BLACKTAIL AGRSV NP19 25x8R12 AMS 0320-1207 BLACKTAIL AGRSV NP19 25x10R12 AMS 0320-1208 BLACKTAIL AGRSV NP19