2024 Parts Canada ATV-UTV

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2024 PARTSCANADA.COM 2024 | ATV/UTV ELECTRICAL 766 DISCLAIMER: *EMIS (EMISSIONS CATEGORIZATION CODE). SEE PAGES 4-6 FOR CATEGORY CODES, IMPORTANT EPA/CARB EMISSION DEFINITIONS AND REGULATORY COMPLIANCE AND NOTICE REGARDING NOISE REGULATIONS. PRODUCTS NOT LEGAL FOR SALE OR USE IN CALIFORNIA ON ANY POLLUTION CONTROLLED MOTOR VEHICLES IF NOT CATEGORIZED AS “1” OR “4”. DESCRIPTION PART # Gloss black 2106-0579 DESCRIPTION PART # Chrome 2106-0580 AUXILIARY HANDLEBAR MOUNTED ON/​OFF SWITCHES •Provides access for powering auxiliary driving lights or accessory lighting •Rubber switch is built into chrome or gloss black clamp • 18 AWG 60” wire leads • Simple, two-wire hookup •All hardware included DESCRIPTION PART # Universal toggle switch S-20 UNIVERSAL TOGGLE SWITCH •Three-way toggle switch; middle is off • Great switch for turn signals, etc. DESCRIPTION PART # Normally closed switch for battery-type ignition DS-305502 DESCRIPTION PART # Repl. tether cord w/ clip DS-305504 TETHER KILL SWITCH •Handlebar-mount tether kill switch protects your expensive motor from over-revving •Complete with a clipped tether cord that extends to 50” •Two-piece handlebar mount clamps around handlebars for 7/8” handlebars •Available for normally closed battery-type ignition models •Made from billet aluminum with water-resistant, stainless steel internal components •Made in the U.S.A. DESCRIPTION PART # Kill switch 0616-0009 OEM REPLACEMENT KILL SWITCH FOR HONDA CR (ALL) •Exact OEM-style switch •Plug into stock wire harness KILL SWITCH HOW TO ORDER NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS: There are two types of stop switches: (1) Normally Open, (NO) or (2) Normally Closed, (NC). Switches in this catalog are typically of the Normally Open (NO) type. They work by GROUNDING the primary ignition lead when activated. Note that they will not work on electrical systems requiring a Normally Closed (NC) switch, which works by OPENING the circuit when activated. NC switches are typically used on battery type ignitions, which may have an ignition key as an identifier. NC switches are generally found on newer machines. If in doubt, check your machine’s wiring schematic. FOR UNIVERSAL 12VDC SYSTEMS W/ 22MM (7/8”), 25MM (1”) OR 32MM (1 1/4”) HANDLEBARS 2106-0580 2106-0579 DS-305504 DS-305502