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BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2024 PARTSCANADA.COM 2024 | BICYCLE HELMETS 10 SEE PAGE 3 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING BICYCLE HELMET CERTIFICATIONS STANDARDS Current bicycle helmet standards include: CPSC: Every bicycle helmet sold in the US must meet this national standard. CEN or EN1078: The European standard. Permits lighter, thinner (less protective) helmets than any of the above standards. AS/​NZS 206: Australia/​New Zealand standard that requires helmets to have: 1) a means of absorbing impact energy, 2) a means to apportion the load, and 3) a secure retention system. ASTM F1447: Identical to CPSC but specific to downhill MTB. NTA 8776: Dutch standard directed toward E-bikes with higher speeds than “regular” bicycles. HELMET BRAND HELMET MODEL CPSC EN1078 AS/​NZS ASTM NTA-8776 6D ATB-2T ASCENT X X X - X 100% AIRCRAFT X X X X - AIRCRAFT 2 X X X X - STATUS X X X X - TRAJECTA X X X X - ALTEC X X X - - ALTIS X X X - - ALTIS GRAVEL X X X - - HELMET BRAND HELMET MODEL CPSC EN1078 AS/​NZS ASTM NTA-8776 ALPINESTARS MISSILE TECH X X X X - VECTOR TECH X X X - - SENA M1 EVO X X - - - M1 X X - - - R1 EVO X X - - - R1 X X - - - CERTIFICATIONS CERTIFICATIONS SOURCES https://​helmets.org/​stdsummary.htm https://​helmets.org/​ebike.htm AU/​NZS mandatory Standard: https://​www. legislation.gov.au/​Details/​F2009C01271 https://​www.headsdontbounce.com/​bicycle-helmets/​ safety-standards-for-bike-helmets/ SIZE (A) BLACK (B) BLACK/​WHITE S 0151-0099 0151-0225 M 0151-0100 0151-0226 SIZE (A) BLACK (B) BLACK/​WHITE L 0151-0101 0151-0227 XL 0151-0102 0151-0228 AIRCRAFT 2 BICYCLE HELMETS •Carbon-fiber shell •Injection molded chin bar integration •14-point Smartshock® rotational protective System • Dual-density EPS, injection molded with polycarbonate • Massive airflow, 20 oversized ventilation ports •Multi-point adjustable visor designed for maximum vision & goggle stowage • Antimicrobial suede comfort liner, washable, moisture-wicking •D-ring buckle for a secure fit and maximum security B A