2024 Parts Canada Bicycle

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2024 APPAREL PARTSCANADA.COM BICYCLE | 2024 SEE PAGE 3 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING 55 BIONIC ACTION CHEST PROTECTOR •Ultra-lightweight protective system offering excellent upper body protection against impacts •Features front and rear hard shell plates backed with Bio-Foam padding for a secure and comfortable snug fit •Provides extended padding to protect against tire roost without obstructing arm movement • Cell Technology chest protector features a highly perforated shell for high levels of ventilation and protection •Flexible construction of the sides adapts to the contours of the body for enhanced fit and comfort • Features a new Cell Technology back protector with a flexion channel for enhanced mobility •Removable shoulder pads for high levels of customization •Protectors are perforated for maximum breathability and cooling ventilation • Elastic closure system features newly designed, quick and easy-to-use buckles that fit a broad range of rider body sizes •Thermoformed padded chassis for optimized levels of comfort and a close-to-body fit SIZE BLACK M/L 2701-1034 SIZE BLACK XL/2X 2701-1035 •Adjustable shoulder straps for an optimal fit •Bionic Neck Support compatibility with the BNS A-Strap, available as an optional extra; sold separately •CE-certified to Level 1 (EN1621-3:2018) (chest) and Level 1 (EN1621-2:2014) (back) Back view SIZE BLACK/​RED XS/S 2701-1070 SIZE BLACK/​RED M/L 2701-1071 SIZE BLACK/​RED XL/​2XL 2701-1072 A-6 CHEST PROTECTOR •Chest and back protector plastic shells are constructed from a high-performance polymeric material blend for optimized flexibility and excellent weight saving properties • The plastic shells feature extensive, strategically-positioned perforation zones for excellent breathability and ventilation •The thermoformed padded chassis and padded side wings offer optimal rider comfort •An adjustable quick release waist system allows for a customized fit and ensures protection remains secure and close to the body at all times •The flexible front side wings are connected to the main chest protector with three bridge fixings allowing the wings to move independently and adapt to the natural contours of the body •Shoulder Protectors are CE-certified to EN 1621-1:2012 (Level 1) •Back Protector is CE-certified to EN 1621-2:2014 (Level 2) •Chest Protector is CE-certified to EN 1621-3:2018 (Level 2) •Removable back puck for BNS compatibility •Silicone BNS pull tab for convenient and safe engagement of the BNS •The removable shoulder protectors allow this upper body protector to be worn in various configurations, giving the rider the opportunity to tailor the protector to the conditions • The removable shoulder protectors feature an adjustable V-Strap System to allow for a comfortable and snug upper arm fitment Back view