2024 Parts Canada Bicycle

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2024 ACCESSORIES PARTSCANADA.COM BICYCLE | 2024 91 DESCRIPTION PART # Case for iPhone 14 Pro 0636-0288 Case for iPhone 14+ 0636-0289 Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max 0636-0290 Case for iPhone 13/14 0636-0292 Case for iPhone 13 Pro 0636-0293 DESCRIPTION PART # Case for iPhone 12/13 Pro Max 0636-0294 Case for iPhone 12/​Pro 0636-0295 Case for iPhone SE/6S/7/8 0636-0299 Case for Samsung Galaxy S22 0636-0300 Case for Samsung Galaxy S22+ 0636-0301 DESCRIPTION PART # Case for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 0636-0302 Universal phone case, large 0636-0315 Universal phone case, XL 0636-0360 SPC+ PHONE CASES •Securely mounts to any SP Connect™ holder in just one second • Thanks to a 40% thinner design, the SPC+ model is fully MagSafe®-compatible •Ready for inductive charging and magnetic attachment 0636-0288 0636-0289 0636-0290 0636-0292 0636-0293 0636-0294 0636-0295 0636-0299 0636-0300 0636-0301 0636-0302 0636-0315 0636-0360 SPC+ PHONE CARD WALLET •The perfect solution for those who like to have everything at hand •Compatible with the SPC+ Phone Case •Holds up to 4 cards •RFID Blocking •Quick and secure mounting with 90° locking mechanism •Compact and durable • Measures approx. 3.85” x 2.62” x 0.29” DESCRIPTION PART # SPC+ phone card wallet 9201-0094 SPC+ ANTI-VIBRATION MODULES •Reduces up to 60% of persistent engine vibrations thanks to the specially developed elastomer inlay •Simply replace the compatible mounting head with the SPC+ Anti-Vibration Module and mount your smartphone directly to the vibration dampening module with a 90° clockwise rotation •Offers additional protection for sensitive smartphone parts •CNC-machined from aircraft grade aluminum • Diameter measures approx. 2” DESCRIPTION PART # Black 0636-0321 DESCRIPTION PART # Chrome 0636-0322 0636-0321 0636-0322 SPC+ CLIP MOUNT • Practical, lightweight mobile phone clip mount for the SPC+ Phone Case • Securely attaches to belts, bags and backpacks •Bracket with functional clamping mechanism •Optimum protection for your device on the go • Weather-proof •Includes SPC+ clip mount and SPC+ tool DESCRIPTION PART # SPC+ clip mount 9201-0095