2024 Parts Canada Indian Catalogue

Sutherland said. It was 2004, and Victory had just two models out at that time. They were looking to expand the dealer network, and Sutherland wanted to come on board. “They signed me up!” Sutherland’s dealership, Coastal Victory, was a great success. His efforts earned his shop a spot as one of the top five dealerships in the nation for Victory motorcycle sales. The Victory brand came to an end in 2017, but Sutherland was already involved in becoming a dealer for Indian motorcycles. Sutherland’s interest with Indian Motorcycles is extensive. His involvement is more than just his dealership. He has a true passion for customizing bikes and developing performance products and accessories to make them look and go faster through his collaboration with Lloyd’z Garage. That passion got him involved in racing with the Indian brand. “Lloyd’z Garage Racing has three bikes that run in MotoAmerica®,” Sutherland said. The team runs an Indian Fast looks and racing DNA define this year’s Indian Motorcycle catalog cover bike. But what would you expect from an owner/ builder who is involved with multiple motorcycle shops, and three different racing classes in the MotoAmerica® national championship road racing series? “I’m a motorcycle guy,” says Tim Sutherland. “I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was five years old. I just love bikes.” And it shows. His beautiful custom 2023 Indian Pursuit is catching a lot of attention, and Drag Specialties is excited to feature it on the cover. Sutherland has a long association with the industry. He opened a motorcycle dealership approximately 20 years ago while still owning/operating an automobile dealership. “I thought it would be so cool to be a motorcycle dealer,” Sutherland said. “I went around, knocking on doors, talking to brands.” At that time Victory Motorcycles (manufactured by Polaris Industries) was just beginning. “The timing was just right for both of us,” ON THE COVER 2023 Indian Pursuit Flamed Custom