2024 Parts Canada Indian Catalogue

WINDSHIELDS & FAIRINGS AUDIO, COMMUNICATION & MOUNTS SADDLEBAGS & LUGGAGE SEATS & SISSY BARS FUEL/AIR SYSTEMS EXHAUST TRANSMISSION & DRIVELINE ENGINE GASKETS & SEALS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL HANDLEBARS, CONTROLS & MIRRORS CABLES TANKS & OIL FILTERS BRAKES DASHES & GAUGES FENDERS & LICENSE PLATE FRAMES HARDWARE, COVERS & GENERAL FRAMES & SUSPENSION FOOTRESTS & FLOORBOARDS WHEELS & AXLES dragspecialties.com SECTION 8 All part numbers in BLUE are new for 2024. 73 ELECTRIC EASY SHIFT SPEED SHIFTER KIT •Easy shifting for rider comfort and convenience or for speed for the performance-oriented rider •For performance, this is the best bang-for-your-buck product •Gain a minimum of one bike length per shift •Shift up at partial or full throttle and back down with the push of a button •Eliminate the need to shift with your foot or clutch •OEM shifting ability is retained after installation •Clutch use is still required for starting and stopping when using these kits •Uses state-of-the-art control module to send a signal from the button control to the shift solenoid IGNITION QUICK SHIFTER KIT •Allows any vehicle with up to four coils to have quick shifter functionality •Features the latest Intellishift™ technology and provides the smoothest shifts of any stand-alone unit on the market •Kill times per rpm band and shift sensor activation point are adjustable •Includes Denso coil cap connectors for easy installation on many late-model motorcycles; connectors can be removed for applications without this style of coil •4-channel variation has control box only; requires Power Commander shifter sensor •Kits include sensor and module •Made in the U.S.A. ADJUSTABLE SHIFT RODS •CNC-machined billet aluminum construction •Hard black or chrome-plated finishes •Can be used with race-inspired lightweight cut-outs or with the solid bar style showing PART # DESCRIPTION 1601-0470 For 14-21 Chief (not for 116” models) PART # DESCRIPTION 1601-0528 For 20-22 Challenger PART # DESCRIPTION FOR 15-23 SCOUT AND 18-23 SCOUT BOBBER MODELS 1601-0549 Black anodized 1601-0550 Chrome-plated FOR 15-23 SCOUT BOBBER MODELS WITH EXTENDED CONTROLS 1601-0551 Black anodized 1601-0552 Chrome-plated PART # DESCRIPTION FOR 15-23 SCOUT SIXTY 1601-0497 Black anodized 1601-0498 Chrome-plated •Allows you to change your shift peg height up to 0.75” •Easy installation •Made in the U.S.A. •Kit includes a stylish dual-button shift control for upshifts/​ downshifts, a chrome-plated electronic shift cylinder, ignition kill module, control modules and all necessary brackets •Made in the U.S.A. 1601-0552 1601-0497